Photo Challenge #384

Whatever goes around, comes around.

Westporters have watched for months, as the former Barnes & Noble on the Post Road is transformed into an Amazon Fresh grocery store.

The mid-gut interior was the subject of last week’s Photo Challenge. Fred Cantor, Will Gibson, Elaine Marino, Lynn Untermeyer Miller, Bobbie Herman, Clark Thiemann, June Rose Whittaker, Brooks Sumberg and Barbara Phillips all quickly identified Betsy Pollak’s photo. (Click here to see.)

Lynn added this great factoid: The site of a future supermarket started out — before Barnes & Noble — as a Waldbaum’s.

Meanwhile, who remembers that this Post Road location was actually the second for Barnes & Noble? The bookstore’s first Westport outlet was less than a mile east, in the space currently occupied by Bev Max.

Before that, it was a Pier One. And — waaaaay earlier — it was a bowling alley.

Unlike Amazon Fresh, that space is unlikely to return to its original roots.

Here’s today’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this intriguing sight, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)



7 responses to “Photo Challenge #384

  1. Andrew Colabella

    Schuloff Animal Hospital?

  2. Will Gibson

    The Veterinarian’s symbol on the exterior wall of the Westport Animal Hospital

  3. Jonathan Prager

    Westport Animal Hospital. 814 Post Road East.

  4. Jonahan Prager

    (Though, of course, veterinarians don’t usually treat snakes.)

  5. Amy Schneider

    Westport Animal Hospital Post Rd East

  6. Joyce Barnhart

    It’s a veterinary caduceus. I’m guessing it belongs to the Westport Animal Hospital.

  7. Yes, it is the Westport Animal Hospital. You guys are no dogs when it comes to the Photo Challenge.