Roundup: Gloria, Aqua Fit & Veterans, Touch-a-Truck …

Gloria has long been a part of Westport.

It was Alan Sterling’s working oyster boat for years. In the winter, he moored it in Gray’s Creek.

It stayed there after he died, in 2014. Michael Calise and others tended to it well.

Now — nearly a decade later — it is on its last legs.

Gloria, in Gray’s Creek. (Photo/Bruce McFadden)

Click here for an “06880” archive of Gloria stories.


The men and women of the Westport Weston Family YMCA’s Aqua Fit classes are an energetic bunch.

They’re also community minded. All month long, they’re joining with Westport veterans’ groups, to raise awareness and help.

Yesterday, after class, a coffee hour and informational table in the Y lobby was staffed by members of VFW Joseph Clinton Post 399, and the VFW Auxiliary. They explained all the good things they do, for veterans and Westport.

Next Saturday (May 7, 10 a.m.), the Staples high School girls golf team — coached by beloved Aqua Fit instructor Patty Kondub — will tidy up and pay respect at veterans’ graves in Assumption Cemetery on Greens Farms Road. Everyone is welcome to help.

On Saturday, May 21 (4:30 to 5:30 p.m.), the public is invited to join a “drop-in” Aqua Fit class. Get healthy, see why members are so loyal — and the $20 fee for the drop-in class will benefit the VFW Auxiliary.

All month long, the Aqua Fit program is sponsoring a donation box, with “Wish List,” in the Y lobby. Both collections support Homes for the Brave, the nonprofit that helps homeless veterans.

For more information, email Patty Kondub ( or Joan Evon (

Westport Weston Family YMCA CEO Anjali McCormick (directly under the “Y” signs) joins members of the Westport VFW, VFW Auxiliary and Aqua Fit to promote the month of awareness of veterans’ issues.


Beginning yesterday, stickers are required for parking at all Westport beaches.

The lifeguard chairs are not yet in position, but will soon be. Meanwhile, 2 varieties are being stored — along with what look like new chairs — at the Soundview lot.

(Photo/Robin Myers)


The Westport Weston Cooperative Nursery School hosts a great, on-brand event this Saturday (May 7, 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Imperial Avenue parking lot). It’s presented by Longshore Sailing School.

The 15th annual event includes vehicles of all shapes and sizes (for kids of all ages to climb on, and take photos of): fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, cranes, dump trucks, buses, big rigs, boats and more.

Plus food trucks, live entertainment, merchandise for sale, raffle tickets, “roaming railroad trackless train rides,” face painting, balloon animals, sensory play and more.

It can get loud. Guests with sensitivity to noise can enjoy a quiet hour from 9 to 10 a.m., with no sirens or horns.

Admission is $35 per family. Click here to purchase. All proceeds benefit the Westport Weston Cooperative Nursery School.


Saturday night’s benefit concert in Trumbull for cancer research began with a “stick tap” honoring Charlie Capalbo. The former Fairfield Ludlowe High School goalie died last month, after battling 4 cancers. He was one month shy of 24 years old. Charlie’s grandparents are Westporters Richard Epstein and Ina Chadwick, and his mother is Staples High grad Jennifer Wilde Capalbo.

Click below to see the very moving ceremony.


Skunk cabbage makes its first appearance in “Westport … Naturally” today.

Claudia Sherwood Servidio spotted this field at Earthplace.

(Photo/Claudia Sherwood Servidio)


And finally … on this day in 1952, a De Havilland Comet made the first jet flight with paying passengers. The route was London to Johannesburg.

17 responses to “Roundup: Gloria, Aqua Fit & Veterans, Touch-a-Truck …

  1. Elaine Wyden

    Wish you’d return to your long standing typeface and format for this blog. It was much easier and more inviting to read.
    Thanks, Elaine Wyden

    • It wasn’t me. it was WordPress. Sorry. Interestingly, several readers have said it’s more readable this way. But I had nothing to do with it.

    • Bobbie Herman

      Elaine — If you tap on the headline, it reverts to the old format.

  2. Suzanne Warner Raboy

    For some reason, I find the deterioration of Gloria sad. Is there some way we can memorialize the remainder of the boat? Take what’s left of it and preserve it??

  3. Gloria is a Westport institution that the town should do something with. Restore it and put it on exhibit in the Compo Beach marina area.

  4. Patricia McMahon

    i think the image by Betsy P Kahn posted on April 25th should’ve been titled
    “Gloria in her Glory days”
    it’s a local relic. Hoping it’s going to be restored .

  5. Jack Harder

    I don’t really think there is much to restore. Alan basically built the boat from plywood. He did have a nice Honda engine on the boat. Years ago I would duck hunt on Kitt’s Island and talk to Alan since we were usually the only 2 people out there. Some early mornings I would see a light on in the boat and know that Alan was sleeping on her. I’d move my decoys off the back of the driving range to give him some room.

  6. Erik Ostbye

    Gloria might have been an “institution” today it is an eyesore!! I wish someone could take it upon themselves to remove it…

  7. Tracy A Flood

    The tribute to Charlie is so incredibly moving.

  8. Isabelle Breen

    Poor, poor Gloria, she gave us many good years as a unique Westport focal point, but be a responsible owner and put the poor beast down and out of its misery.

  9. Isabelle Breen

    Susanne had a nice idea, maybe there is a small part of the boat, captain’s wheel, propeller, name plaque?? Something that could find a spot around the Compo Marina as a lasting memory.

  10. Isabelle Breen

    Susanne had a good idea, maybe take a small part of the boat like captain’s wheel, propeller or name plaque and find a place for it at the Compo Marina as a rememberance.

  11. joshua stein

    did someone snag the engine or is it laying there in the mud?

  12. The owner of the “boat” is the owner of the mooring and of Cedar Island island to which it is moored…he should clean it up.

    • joshua stein

      Agree, hopefully no fuel spilled. its a big F U to the environment to abandon a boat and let it sink/rot.

  13. Just sayin’, the owner’s son tried to get the owner to pull the engine five years ago or so when the boat was inherited by his dad…to no avail, though it would have taken half an hour.