Pic Of The Day #1837

View from Owenoke (Photo/Jonathan Prager)

4 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1837

  1. mary schmerker

    I would love more information on this picture. My grandmother and mother both lived in Owenoke. Moved from there in 1975.

  2. Jonathan Prager

    Hi Mary,

    What are your mother and grandmother’s names?

    Feel free to email me at JonathaninWestport@gmail.com for more information…

    With Love,

    Jonathan : )

  3. Low tide or a drought?

  4. Jonathan Prager


    Lovely to receive your input.

    Knowing me as you do — and, even with your not being a Wesport resident yourself — I think you know this is low tide.

    Since you live in California, I understand the implication you make that it could be a drought.

    Thank you for pointing to one of the many advantages of living in Westport and the East Coast, over living in California.