Pic Of The Day #1831

Just another day at the beach (Photo/Jonathan Rosenoer)

10 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1831

  1. You’re not going to like this but here it goes. This young man driving this car today at about 130pm blows the STOP sign exiting Compo Beach and then drives down Soundview Drive at about 40mph. I was right behind him. He turned left on S.Compo Rd. I was heading to Old Mill beach to chill and get out of the wind. About 20 minutes later he pulls into Old Mill. Backs into a parking space, cranks up the stereo so that folks a half a mile away can listen and he and a buddy and a young lady toss a ball around. Thankfully they took off after about 15 minutes.

    • And he drove that way, with stereo blaring, all the way down the Post Rd. a while before, turned onto S Compo…I actually tried to catch up and pull him over for a talking to but could not get by traffic to do so.

      • Wonder how you’d feel if someone follows you the next time you roll a stop sign, drive a bit too fast, blast your stereo, laugh with friends while bouncing a ball, exhibit some joy felt by oncoming Spring….Get a life fellas! Great pic btw.

        • I think we all have lives. I’d like to keep mine, thank you. And kids who are raised to disobey basic traffic laws are killing innocent people on roads every day. Entitlement much?

        • Ms. Silton, he didn’t “roll” a STOP sign he we thru at 20-25 mph. And being that it was a sunny beautiful day Soundview Dr. was full of pedestrians, bicyclists, dog walkers etc. As far as “blasting” his stereo, why does he have to share his music with an entire beach? And I have a life and I would like to scrounge a few more years out of it. Thanks.

      • Alex Waterworth

        Please leave this kid alone. You should not be chasing him down because his music is too loud

  2. Jack Backiel

    1952 Chevy?

  3. Andrew Colabella

    1948-1952 Chevy Powerglide

  4. Great shot. Looks like an old ad.

  5. Scott Kuhner

    That looks a lot how I used to take my girlfriend to the drive-in movie theatre in Norwalk.