Unsung Hero #235

With a few days off from Little League practice, 10-year-old Beckett O’Malley wanted to work on his hitting.

So last Saturday, his dad Ian looked for a batting cage. He found The Clubhouse in Fairfield.

The door was open. But owner Mike Porzio said, “I’m sorry. We’re closed for the Easter holiday. I’m just here teaching a couple of students.” Ian thought they were high school or college age.

Mike saw the disappointment on Beckett’s face. He quickly changed his mind, and said they could use an area next to where he was teaching — for free.

That was a super-kind gesture, Ian says.

Beckett O’Malley and Mike Porzio.

But there was more.

Mike stopped what he was doing, and began teaching Beckett the mechanics of hitting, in a way the boy easily understood.

Mike is the real deal. The Norwalk native pitched for 3 MLB seasons with the Colorado Rockies and Chicago White Sox.

Within minutes, Ian says, his son’s swing was “night and day.” Mike went back to teaching the 2 older athletes.

But there was still more.

With only a net separating the areas, Mike kept an eye on Beckett. He continued offering tips, and words of encouragement.

“Mike was a total game changer,” Ian says.

Literally and figuratively.

Congratulations to Mike Porzio, our “06880” Unsung Hero of the Week. If you know of a worthy candidate, email 06880blog@gmail.com,

5 responses to “Unsung Hero #235

  1. Diane H Silfen

    There are wonderful people in this world ❤️

  2. Role model for all of us

  3. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    A Great Story!

  4. Robert Stone

    Mike Porzio is definitely one of the wonderful people in the world. He is a particular stand out in his field – working with young people in the realm of athletics in a youth sports industry that is filled with so many operations that don’t have what Mike and the Clubhouse have in spades – a deep care for the development of young people, a lot of integrity and a commitment to do what is right, especially when no one is looking… The example of Beckett’s experience is one that I have observed many times with Mike and his team at the Clubhouse. By the way, not only is he a great guy but his instruction, coaching and guidance of young athletes through the college recruiting process is unmatched in the area.

  5. Kristine Mosheim

    Love this!