Back To The Garden

Joni Mitchell was right. After a long winter — and 2 long years of COVID — we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.

And there’s no better place than the Westport Community Gardens.

There — just a few hoe-lengths away from Long Lots Elementary School — 100 or so gardeners grow fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs and grasses, in a wonderful array of designs and configurations.

Some are families with young children. Some are folks in their 80s. Some are experienced gardeners; others know little, but learn from them. All form a helpful, happy — and very well-fed — community.

Gardens plots are available to town residents and town employees. A few remain to be allocated this year.

The gardens are deer-proof. Water is available.

Grow the tomatoes you’ve dreamed of — or any other fruits, vegetables and flowers you’ve wanted to try.

Families find a home at the Community Gardens. Supervised children are  welcome — and encouraged.

There’s even a bocce court.

Click here for more information; scroll down to “Join the Community.”

Hey: You are stardust. You are golden. You’ve got to get yourself back to the garden.

(Photos/Lou Weinberg)

3 responses to “Back To The Garden

  1. A rare find, thanks Dan! For always keeping us up to date on what’s going on in lovely Westport!

  2. Joyce Barnhart

    Three cheers for the Westport Community Gardens! They’re another jewel in our town’s crown and a delightful way to get back to our roots (pun intended). We thank your photographer, Lou Weinberg, who is also our board’s president. Dan – you probably don’t have room for a garden. Why don’t you join us and try your hand (thumb?) in the Gardens?

  3. I really appreciate your blog.