There Once Was A Westport Commuter …

Wheels 2 Me, Wheels 2 U, Wheels 2 Us 
Transportation to the station by bus 
There and back in a jiffy 
In wheels super spiffy 
Convenience that’s a plus with no fuss

Jonathan Prager is not Ogden Nash. He’s not Dr. Seuss.

But — thanks to the limerick above — he’s the winner of the Westport Transit District’s limerick contest.

The goal was to increase awareness of Wheels2U — the on-demand, group ride, door-to train-platform shuttle service. Winners earn gift certificates to the restaurant of their choice.


WTD director Peter Gold was “completely overwhelmed with the quantity and quality of the entries.” Over 75 limericks vied for honors. Other winners are:

Second Prizes—Dorian Barth and Paul Delano

The station is not very far. 
I wish I could just leave the car, 
and be picked up at home 
from an app on my phone. 
Well, you can! Wheels2U — there you are!   

In some places they commute in their trucks.
Here in Westport we travel deluxe.
Wheels2U comes right swift,
With a door to door lift.
And sets you back a measly two bucks!

Third Prizes—Marc Frankel, Alan Zipkin, Nicole Goldstein and Scott Weiner

There once was a Westport commuter, 
With a gym bag and laptop computer, 
Sick of walking up hills, 
He tried the bus for two bills, 
And said, “This is warmer than taking my scooter.”

If you need to go down to the station,  
Going to work or on a vacation. 
Are you driving? What for? 
You can go door-to-door
When you’re part of the Wheels2U nation.

A new family with only one car 
A commute that is suddenly far 
Wheels2U saves the day 
Just a phone tap away 
A swift ride to and from where you are. 

Want a green way to get to the train? 
Costly parking and taxis a pain? 
Choose Wheels2U Westport 
For a $2 escort 
From your home to the platform. (Insane!)

Honorable Mentions—Jonathan Prager, Emily Fair Weber, Dan Kail, Rich Hochman and Jeff Wieser

No car to park, or drive home in the dark 
Or navigate through the rain like an ark 
Much less pollution 
A commuting solution 
Wheels 2 U door to door service hits the mark.

A Westporter owned a fine Subaru 
And left home each day with a toodle-oo
But when she parked at the train
She had to wade through the rain
Why didn’t she call Wheels 2U?

Folks without a car 
Can’t get very far. 
By funding Wheels2U
Giving rides will do.
Good neighbors are who we are.

There’s a little blue bus in our town,
That gets you to your train by the Sound,
It’s cheap to ride,
And comfy inside,
The greenest way to go I’ve found!

Taking a bus can never grow old.
It’s a great way to stay out of the cold.
So change your commute;
The bus is a beaut.
And if there’s a problem, then call Peter Gold!

2 responses to “There Once Was A Westport Commuter …

  1. I was completely overwhelmed with the quantity and quality of the entries. Once again, the Westport community demonstrated its talent, and great sense of humor. We had over 75 wonderful limericks to choose from. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to enter the contest. Your creativity would make Edward Leary proud. Whether or not you won one of the prizes,–you are all winners!

    Peter Gold
    Director, Westport Transit District

  2. Jonathan Prager

    Westport not only has a wonderful, welcome, worthwhile, winsome and well conceived Wheels 2 U shuttle to and from the train which is as easy to use and high tech as Uber and Lyft –, but we have a plethora of talented and passionate limerick poets.

    If you’d like to learn more about the art and history of the limerick woven into Peter Gold’s witty and wise Wheels 2 U contest, click here –