3 Days Of Peace & Music: VersoFest Concert Headliners Set

Tickets are selling fast for the 3 concerts that are part of VersoFest — the Westport Library’s inaugural music-and-media festival.

(It may also be the first of its kind for any library, anywhere in the world. You read it here first.)

VersoFest includes a range of Connecticut music: rock, low-key African pop and blues.

It all kicks off Friday, April 3 (7 p.m., $40) with Lez Zeppelin. The tribute group — called “the most powerful all-female band in rock history” by Spin Magazine, and seen, heard and endorsed by Jimmy Page — delivers Led Zeppelin’s blistering arrangements and monstrous sounds.

Lez Zeppelin, with fan Jimmy Page.

The show also includes DJ Dan Soto’s all-vinyl, mostly 45’s set of R&B, blues and British Invasion music that was Led Zeppelin’s inspiration.

On Saturday, April 9 (7 p.m., $15), Chris Frantz presents 2 emerging artists.

Enid Ze

Enid Ze is a futuristic, low-key African pop band from Bridgeport. Their debut album Better is Gold was produced by composer/ producer/gear enthusiast Chris Ruggiero.

Daniprobably is a 3-piece New Haven-based indie rock band with a pop edge. Their song lyrics range from movies and quantum mechanics to falling in love on the dance floor. Daniprobably is a featured artist on the upcoming Verso Records vinyl compilation.

(There’s also a free Verso Records vinyl compilation launch party prior to the concert, at 6 p.m. in the Trefz Forum. Featured artists will attend; album art will be revealed, and session videos and album tracks will play on Verso’s great sound system. The launch party is free to everyone who registers for VersoFest.)

The final concert is Sunday (7 p.m., $30), with Selwyn Birchwood and Drop Party.

Selwyn Birchwood (Photo/Jim Hartzell)

Selwyn is a groundbreaking blues visionary, with electrifying guitar and lap steel playing. His group is rounded out by a baritone sax, bass, drums and keyboardist. Rolling Stone calls him “a remarkable, contemporary bluesman…a powerhouse young guitarist and soulful vocalist…a major player.”

Drop Party — the opening act — is an eclectic septet that switches gears seamlessly through ska, funk, jazz, and Latin, offering great dance music in every genre.

Click here for tickets to 1, 2 or all 3 concerts. Click here for more information on all of Verso Fest.

2 responses to “3 Days Of Peace & Music: VersoFest Concert Headliners Set

  1. Peter Mihalick

    I didn’t know I was living in Woodstock! I guess this ends the peaceful weekend evenings for the neighbors

    • Hi Peter,

      I’m not sure how a concert inside the Library will impact neighbors. I’m also not sure that the Library has residential “neighbors.”