Home For Sale: $13.5 Million. 4 BRs. 5 Baths. No Parking.

The most expensive property in Westport does not come with an attached garage.

In fact, parking is so far away it takes a hand cart to haul your groceries, luggage — and everything else — home.

You cross 2 bridges, open a gate, and walk down a narrow path. It’s different than most Westport homes. But the people who do it say that the walk — to Compo Cove, past Sherwood Mill Pond — makes them feel like they’re in Nantucket.

Or some place even more special.

That house can be yours. If you have $13.5 million.

50 Compo Cove

The amenities — including an infinity pool with spectacular Italian marble mosaic tiles, the highest-end appliances, and much more — are amazing. The views of Long Island Sound, the Mill Pond, wildlife and nature — are astonishing.

The infinity pool …

But still … it’s $13.5 million. It takes a special person to sell a special house like that.

… and one of the bathrooms.

Sarah Stone has the listing. A broker with Douglas Elliman in Greenwich, she is used to dealing with luxury properties. Around here, that’s around $3 million and up.

Which makes #50 Compo Cove ultra-luxury.

Properties like these stay on the market much longer than your basic $2 million home, which these days can ignite a bidding war and be snapped up before the open house ends.

The marketing is different too. A realtor selling a home like this aims far beyond traditional buyers. For Compo Cove, Elliman’s Knight Frank affiliate has reached out to wealthy buyers across Europe, in Dubai — even (though perhaps this is a tougher sell since February 24) Russian oligarchs.

Sarah Stone in the bar.

Those are the types of people, Stone notes, who have more than one home. Compo Cove may be residence, but it’s not the only one. Catastrophes like hurricanes and floods that render a home unlivable for months may be minor inconveniences if there are several other places to live.

Compo Cove entrance.

I’m sure those other places are spectacular too.

But I can’t imagine any of them come with their own wooden bridges and walking path.

Office with a view.

18 responses to “Home For Sale: $13.5 Million. 4 BRs. 5 Baths. No Parking.

  1. Irene Kniffin

    For that kind of money I’d rather rent a beautiful summer house on Nantucket rather than Westport.

    • Nancie+Rinaldi

      I thought that was the house that had violated P&Z. I wonder if they ever removed the illegal stone work?

  2. Every home in the Cove is a luxurious home, maybe not $13 million dollars
    But luxurious. The residents who make the choice to live there know they must schlep their belongings. You are correct. It will take a special family like all the other special families who live there. There will be that special family,
    Maybe they’d also like the little shack where Positano used to be

  3. I’m not sure how well I could “do my business” on that commode with a Greek Goddess watching me…But on second thought, I could make it work!

  4. A. David Wunsch

    In 1925, Fitzgerald wrote a short story titled “Rich Boy.” It was later published in a popular book of his short stories titled All the Sad Young Men (1936). The story begins with this passage:

    “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft where we are hard, and cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand. They think, deep in their hearts, that they are better than we are because we had to discover the compensations and refuges of life for ourselves. Even when they enter deep into our world or sink below us, they still think that they are better than we are. They are different.”

    From ADW Staples 1956

    • Jonathan Prager

      ADW = Thank you.

      What a perceptive and insightful quotation!

      It demonstrates that great writers are great thinkers, and great ‘discerners.’

      It’s also fascinating to see where F. uses super long sentences and expresses multiple thoughts within them, and where he chooses super short ones.

      All art needs variety.

      Any other glorious quotations to share?

      If so, feel free to send one — or many — to JonathaninWestport@gmail.com.

      PS = Isn’t his old house along Compo Road South? If so, it’s not yet quite 13.5M.

  5. Nancie Rinaldi

    Russian Oligarchs? Even before the war I couldn’t imagine Russian Oligarchs in town. Maybe they’re already here and I just don’t know it.

    • Tracy A Flood

      I found the quote very interesting. However, I think many of the people with great wealth moving to Westport are not those with “old money.” Those folks have a different experience.

  6. With 3 million Ukrainians who were forced to flee their country and are now homeless, sorry I if I can’t muster sympathy for someone who has to rent his $13.5 million home for $45,000 a month. Or lug groceries across a bridge.


    You can sell the sauce of a worldwide search but guaranteed someone within 50 miles will buy it at a fair market price.

  8. Ciara Webster

    Hilarious. It sold last for 900k. Albeit many years ago.
    It’s town assessment is 3.7 million… so it’s value is more like 5 million…
    There’s a superior house on the cove for sale for 7 million.
    Hmmm… mind boggles as to the price tags people chance their arm with.
    I have a small convertible bmw I paid 14k for last year. Maybe I shall see if I can get 50k for it.
    I mean that being said no harm in them trying.
    Just because the house is worth 5m doesn’t mean someone won’t make an “emotional” decision and pay 13m
    It’s been reduced . It started in July of 2021 at nearly 17m…

  9. Don Willmott

    No matter how wealthy I might be and how much insurance I could afford, I would never sleep easily knowing that disaster was just one storm cloud away.

    • joshua stein

      Agree. When do the taxpayers stop subsidizing people building new houses in flood prone areas?

  10. rosemary milligan

    I looked at all the steps in the house I’d have to navigate after lugging all my stuff from the parking lot – not for me but maybe if someone has a boat or maybe a flunky to carry their stuff……

  11. Betsy phillips kahn

    lug your groceries and things in/ out– yes!
    But once you get out there… Wowweee
    There’s no place in town like Compo Mill Cove✨✨✨✨✨
    Its Private, (20 homes) it’s luxurious (That infinity pool faces the sunset!).
    Its SALTY out there on your own private island 5 mins from downtown!!!
    I think It’s magical…
    Great listing, Sarah!!!

    Best of luck!!
    Betsy Phillips Kahn, Coldwell Banker

  12. Ciara webster

    Most of the homes out there are far from any sign of luxury whatsoever…
    They were built to be beach shacks…
    And they for the most part still are.
    Nothing luxurious that I can see.
    But I just walk past them every day. What do I know.. lol

    • joshua stein

      a lot of the beach shacks have been replaced by huge houses, in a very flood prone area. they should’ve remained beach shacks IMO