Fundraiser Set For Victim Of Car Robbery

A GoFundMe campaign has begun, for the victim of last night’s car robbery across from Stop & Shop.

At 7 p.m., a 64-year-old Westport woman who supplements her income by driving for Uber Eats picked up an order at Golden Pizza, in Westfair Plaza. Inside the restaurant, she saw someone enter her unlocked car. When she went outside to prevent the theft, she suffered a serious head injury. This morning, she is reportedly in intensive care at a local hospital.

The fundraiser will help with medical and other expenses (click here to donate). Westport Police Chief Foti Koskinas has promised that 100% of all donations will go to the victim.

Checks and get-well cards can also be dropped off at the police station on Jesup Road.

When Westport police responded last night, they learned that the man who stole the car had gotten out of a black car moments earlier. Both cars headed westbound on the Post Road.

An officer at the Sherwood Island Connector saw both the stolen Hyundai and black Acura traveling together. Both cars got onto I-95 eastbound.

The officer pursued them. He lost sight of the Hyundai but continued to chase the Acura. It got off Exit 29, where the driver lost control. He struck an occupied vehicle and several parked cars. Two occupants fled. A third was detained by the pursuing officer.

Bridgeport Police officers quickly apprehend the 2 people who ran. The Acura had been stolen from Hamden earlier in the day. The car was searched and a handgun was located. It is not believed that the handgun was used in the commission of the motor vehicle theft in Westport

An 18-year-old and 2 juveniles were taken into custody. All were charged with 1st degree robbery, conspiracy to commit 1st degree robbery, 1st degree assault on an elderly person, 1st degree larceny, conspiracy to commit 1st degree larceny, 3rd degree larceny, criminal possession of a firearm, illegal transfer of a firearm, theft of a firearm, engaging police in pursuit, and reckless driving.

The adult was held on a $100,000 bond. The juveniles will be transferred to a detention facility.

Koskinas praised the Westport officers, and the Fairfield, Bridgeport and State Police for their assistance.

9 responses to “Fundraiser Set For Victim Of Car Robbery

  1. This is so unfortunate. I wish the woman well, and a complete and speedy recovery. The attempted thefts of automobiles continue.

  2. “When she went outside to prevent the theft, she suffered a serious head injury”. What exactly does that mean? Was she attacked by the thug(s)? I think that’s a pretty important part of this story and people need to know. Thanks Dan..

    • That was the wording of the police report. And they were charged with “assault on an elderly person.”

      • Thanks again Dan. FYI folks Abreu was just arrested last week in Milford for the same thing including beating the elderly female victim/ car owner.

  3. Adam Vengrow

    This poor woman tried to stop or prevent these prideless cowards from taking her car, which is her life and job. She was hurt in the process, as per the public police report. This is shameful and another example of excellent work with the westport and bridgeport police together. Burglars used to just go thru cars, then they started stealing cars. Now they are carrying guns. She made the mistake of leaving her keys in her car and was being watched. Let this be a sad reminder that assuming safety because you live in a nice town is a very bad assumption. In some countries they chop off your hands for violent theft. We should do that.

    • It’s gonna’ get a lot worse, folks, after the Supreme Court rules this spring that ANYONE can buy and carry a gun, no permit needed. It’s a NY case, which I predict NY will lose and then Katy bar the door.

  4. Thank you for using your platform to tell us about this, Dan. I’ve donated and sent it to everyone I could.

  5. Jack Backiel

    I guess the robbers didn’t realize Exit 19 was closer to Bridgeport, rather than going back to Exit 18. I hope she recovers soon!

  6. These are my people and this is my neighborhood. I went to most stores on the block today (Shake Shack, Village Bagels, Cumbys, Kindred Spirits, Southport Diner, etc) to let them know this happened. It won’t happen again