RTM Resolution Condemns Russia

Representative Town Meeting sessions usually involve local budgets, contracts and resolutions.

Occasionally, the real world intrudes.

In the 1960s, the RTM made national headlines when it voted — controversially and closely — to condemn the Vietnam War.

Last night’s meeting addressed another international crisis. This was far less contentious.

After a moment of silence in support of Ukraine’s effort to remain a free state, the town’s legislative body passed — unanimously — a sense of the meeting resolution from member Sal Liccione stating: “We, the RTM, condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a free and independent nation, recognized by the United Nations.”

Late in the afternoon, former member Kristan Hamlin had emailed members, urging them to wear blue and/or yellow — the Ukrainian colors — to the Zoom meeting. Some did. (Hat tip: Peter Gold)

Some RTM members who had seen the email wore blue or yellow. (Screenshot/Peter Gold)

3 responses to “RTM Resolution Condemns Russia

  1. Kristan Hamlin

    Thank you to the Westport RTM for passing the Sense of the Meeting that I drafted and submitted yesterday, condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    Our RTM has, once again, lead with Westport’s values! I hope other town legislatures will follow Westport RTM’s excellent example of leadership on this issue!!

  2. David A Stevenson

    Good work, folks ! Also, thanks for the nice reminder about the opposition to the Viet Nam war.

  3. Donald Bergmann

    Good for all, especially Kristan Hamlin.
    Don Bergmann