Pic Of The Day #1778

When Karen Solicito was walking into Stop & Shop today, she heard Eastern European music. She thought the store was supporting Ukraine.

On her way out, she spotted the source: a young musician, playing in the parking lot. He had a tip jar, and a sign with his Venmo: @London-Radu. 

Every little bit helps.

(Photo/Karen Solicito)

5 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1778

  1. Cristina Negrin

    Thanks for posting, Dan 💕

  2. Lynn Wilson

    We saw him yesterday, too. The music was beautiful. And we left him e tip

  3. Kathleen Fazio

    I believe this is a Scam- maybe 6 months ago it was a husband and wife with a baby- exact same music- Google it

  4. Jonathan Prager

    I like these ‘purposeful’ Pics-of-the-Day. They are ‘two-fers’. Each generates…


    …as well as…

    GOOD in the WORLD.

    Keep up the excellent work, Dan!!!

  5. Joanthan Prager

    Thanks, Kathleen, for pointing this out.

    Here’s what I discovered.



    These videos are pretty fun to watch and find out about. Apparently, this is a scam that has made its way across the country — fake string players in shopping mall or grocery store parking lots.

    They play without talking while a sign almost identical to the one in the picture above begs for money. The message almost always blesses God so as to tug on your heart strings even a little more.

    Unless you play a string instrument yourself, you won’t really be able to tell.