Salad Days

We’ve voted for Westport’s best hamburgers, pizzas, soups, sandwiches and avocado toast*.

Next up, for the health-conscious: The Great Westport Salad Contest.

The Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce and Berchem Moses sponsors the event next month. There are 8 categories, and (so far) 22 participating restaurants, delis and markets.

The categories are:

  • Best Chef Salad
  • Best Cobb Salad
  • Best Caesar Salad
  • Best Deli Salad (tuna, egg, chicken)
  • Best Mediterranean Salad (antipasto, Greek, bruschetta)
  • Best Make Your Own Salad
  • Best Unique Salad
  • Best Greens Salad (kale, arugula, chard)
  • Tutti’s Caprese salad. I’m not favoring them This was just the only salad photo in my archives from a participating restaurant. On the other hand, it IS very good.

Participating restaurants (so far) are:

  • A & S Fine Foods
  • Calise’s
  • Capuli
  • Boathouse
  • Don Memo
  • Granola Bar
  • Joe’s Pizza
  • Kawa Ni
  • La Plage
  • Manna Toast
  • Match Burger Lobster
  • Mystic Market
  • Organic Krush
  • Parker Mansion
  • Planet Pizza
  • Rizzuto’s
  • Spotted Horse
  • The Whelk
  • Tutti’s
  • Winfield Street Deli.

The contest kicks off March 1 (noon, The Granola Bar). Online voting begins then, and runs all month.

All voters are entered into a lottery to win a salad from the winning location for that category.

Winning restaurants receive a plaque. No one restaurant can win in more than 2 categories.

March 1 is around the corner. Lettuce begin!

*Just kidding. I think.

6 responses to “Salad Days

  1. The prize for the voter lottery is a free sandwich??? Should be a free salad!!!

  2. Soooo in Westport during Salad month- There is such a thing as a free lunch!!
    But you get a Free SALAD!!

  3. I’m surprised there isn’t a separate category for Potato Salad. No two people in the world make it the same way so this could be a real contest.

  4. Suzanne Zarrilli

    None of the above. We need a real salad bar…SWEETGREENS or TOSSED