Ukrainian Update

Several years ago, Westport attorney, politician, civic volunteer, international humanitarian and Sunrise Rotary Club member Ken Bernhard taught law in the Ukrainian port city of Berdyansk.

He’s stayed in touch with a professor with whom he worked. Yesterday, the educator told Ken:

We are ok for now, thank you. Thank you for being with us, for caring for us.

We fled Berdyansk to a village 20 miles away, for the night. For the kids’ safety primarily.

Berdyansk military airport and radio station were attacked at 5 a.m. I heard several missile explosions, and that was stressful enough. The explosion wave took off the gates at my parents’ shop.

And all the news during the day. It’s just awful.

I’m afraid this monster president has only turned the first page of his evil plan today.

Stay with us. This makes us stronger.

This New York Times photograph by Staples High School graduate Tyler Hicks, shows a large rocket that landed in the middle of a Kharkiv street, but failed to detonate. (Photo/Tyler Hicks for the New York Times)

2 responses to “Ukrainian Update

  1. Thanks for sharing Ken. Your friend’s comments add reality to newspaper accounts. So much for the end of the cold war and rational world leadership. The invasion of the Ukraine should be a guiding touchstone in the formulation of our international policy.

  2. Thanks Ken. Valuable to share-humanising. You are a Westports finest!