Westport Officer Prevents Suicide

Like all police officers, Westport’s men and women vow to “protect and serve.”

Whether on duty or off.

At 6:45 this morning, Officer Brian Meraviglia was driving to work on Fairfield’s Redding Road. On the bridge, he saw a man preparing to jump onto the Merritt Parkway below.

Meraviglia stopped, and spoke to the distraught man. Moving closer, Meraviglia grabbed him and moved him away from the bridge.

Meraviglia and a good Samaritan who was passing by comforted the man, and gave him emotional support.

Fairfield Police officers and State Police troopers soon responded to the scene.  The man was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Officer Brian Meraviglia (Photo/James Fiffer, courtesy of Ursus)

Ursus — the Bedford Middle School newspaper — reported in 2019 that Meraviglia was the school’s security officer. He had been a state police trooper for 32 years, then served for two years as Saugatuck Elementary School’s SSO.

The towns of Westport and Fairfield join Westport Police Chief Foti Koskinas in thanking Officer Meraviglia for his quick and caring actions.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please understand that there are people who want to help as well as available resources.  For further information, click here.

10 responses to “Westport Officer Prevents Suicide

  1. Jonathan Prager

    Bravo! A job well done while going the extra mile. A credit not only to police everywhere, but to humanity.

  2. Ngassam Ngnoumen

    Thanks for caring for our community and for saving a loved one.

  3. Totally agree with the previous commenter. This is what and who the vast majority of Police Officers are – brave, kind and serving their communities on a daily basis. Let’s share amazing stories like this with our kids.

  4. Annalise Ferrara

    Wonderful story! So many more of these that go unreported, because it is the job of those who serve on a daily basis. Thank you to all of those brave men and women!

  5. I’m sure most essential hero’s would say “All in a days work” or “I was just doing my job”. I say thank you from the bottom of my heart, because you never know when that person in need might be one of your loved ones, friends or someone that needs a friend at that exact moment. It’s a miracle of all that had to occur for the timing of both of these two individuals to be at the same place, same time. And I’m sure many will be forever grateful that they were. Thanks to those who go above & beyond in our town!

  6. Lindsay Shurman

    Officer Meraviglia is a hero! We are proud and so lucky to have him as our Resource Officer at KHS!

  7. Awesome work by that officer!

  8. Joyce Barnhart

    Thank you, Officer Meraviglia, for true protection and service.

  9. amazing and just another example of how great our Westport PD really is. they are a model for every town in this country

  10. Terry Brannigan

    Well done Brian. There’s a massive difference between a “Serve and Protect” mindset and a “Law Enforcement” mindset. Clearly Officer Meraviglia understands both. Guys like Brian and stories like this need to be shared and celebrated. Keep up the good work and keep setting an example for others.