Destination Haus Arrives In Westport

Laureen Vellante flipped more than 15 houses. Many were in Westport.

That helped her and her daughters, Kendra and Carlyn, adapt to living in new places. Along with their love of travel, and an eye for unique artwork and home décor, it also spurred their business.

They founded Destination Haus in Montauk. Offering curated artwork, furniture, glassware, candles, pillows, pottery, home accessories and jewelry from around the globe in a showroom and gallery, it was a “destination” for anyone moving into, redesigning or redecorating their “haus.”

But Montauk is a seasonal town. Westport is active year round. And — with the residential real estate market still on fire, 2 years after COVID — the Vellante women are opening a 2nd store here.

Destination Haus moves onto Riverside Avenue, next to Glen Leroux Antiques, later this month. Laureen still has an (unflipped) house here.

Each of the principals brings a different strength to the space. Laureen is a fine art photographer.

Laureen Vellanate (center) with her daughters Carlyn and Kendra.

Kendra — a 2006 Staples High School graduate — has spent years in the luxury wholesale industry, including work for an Italian fashion showroom managing sales for European labels.

After Staples (Class of 2010), Carlyn earned a BFA in photography and art therapy. She then curated residencies, hotels, and yachts. She now manages all Destination Haus artists.

The Vellantes were not looking for space in Westport. But on the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson ferry, a casual conversation led to an introduction to a realtor. He had the perfect spot.

The Riverside Avenue space “has a New York loft feel, with a coastal vibe,” Carlyn says. “There’s lot of history in the building, and it’s next to an antiques shop.”

That loft feel — and coastal vibe — are keys to Destination Haus. But they’re not the only styles.

The website lists “African Influence,” “Moroccan Chic,” “New England Décor,” “Montauk Bohème” and “Hampton Haus Original.”

All that’s missing is “Westport Cool.”

Part of Destination Haus’ New England Collection.

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  1. Arline Gertzoff

    Glen LeRoux antiques has closed up on Riverside Avenue.