Water Flows From Aquarion Tanks

There was no official announcement. Or perhaps I missed it.

But — along with its monthly water bills — Aquarion sent this information to customers recently:

“Westport’s New Water Tanks Operational

“Aquarion customers in Westport now have a significantly expanded water storage supply for fire protection and everyday needs with the recently completion of the construction project on North Avenue. The project replaced a rusting steel tank built in 1956 with a pair of new, concrete ones.

“Combined, the tanks can store 4.3 million gallons of water — almost triple the capacity of the one they’ve replaced.

Construction on the North Avenue water tanks. (Photo courtesy of Aquarion)

“Westport was just one of many communities across the country where old and obsolete water infrastructure was in need of an upgrade, especially in the face of 6 or more decades of population and economic growth.

“In the spring, we’ll begin a major landscaping project that will not only restore the site but improve its aesthetics as well. We’ll also complete the exterior finish work on the tanks. Meanwhile, the tanks themselves are fully operational.

“We’re delighted to bring water service in Westport to this robust new level, and thank local residents for their patience during the construction phase of this project.”

The $10 million project drew protests from neighbors and town officials. It proceeded only after a settlement was reached, covering areas including height, landscaping, and traffic management during construction.

(Hat tip: Seth Schachter)

2 responses to “Water Flows From Aquarion Tanks

  1. Idea for Aquarion-
    I’m all for the aesthetically pleasing landscaping …however, what about making the tanks works of ART? There could be an RFP for artists to propose making them a unique Westport exhibit. That would make them a destination instead of an eye sore spending money to finding ways to make them go-away visually. If you think they are ugly then they should be made beautiful, no? They will be spending gobs of money for the landscaping how about some of that to make them special and a Westport Destination?
    FYI- NYC has a 1% for the arts mandate for new commercial construction why not Westport?

  2. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    What’s good for NYC just HAS to be good for Westport. Just let Aquarian finish their job, OK?