Tyler Hicks: In Ukraine

When trouble erupts somewhere in the world, people flee for safety, or desperately hope to.

Tyler Hicks picks up his camera, boards a plane, and heads right there.

The 1988 Staples High School graduate has earned international renown — and many honors, including the Pulitzer Prize — with his photos from war zones, catastrophes and natural disasters. He has reported on the beauty, the people and the tragedies of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Kenya and dozens of other spots around the globe.

Now Hicks is in Ukraine. As Russian tanks, armor and military threaten the nation, Hicks has trained his eye on the landscape and human beings behind the story.

These are from a town incongruously named “New York.” Close to the Russian front lines, it is home now to mostly older people — and a highly toxic chemical plant.

Hicks also visited Svitlodarsk in eastern Ukraine, where disputes have raged for years.

(All photos by Tyler Hicks, courtesy of The New York Times)

It’s a long way from the Westport of Tyler Hicks’ youth, to the threatened streets, woods and railroad tracks of Ukraine.

It’s easy to ignore the lives of the men, women and children there. Tyler Hicks’ photos make sure we don’t.

(Hat tip: John Karrel)



11 responses to “Tyler Hicks: In Ukraine

  1. Thank you for posting this, very important .

  2. These powerful photographs never allow us to forget the human factor of war and for that we are grateful.

  3. mary schmerker

    Thank you, Tyler Hicks, for these photographs. Thank you, Dan, for your sensitive words. give a very personal face to a very dire situation. We need to pat attention and be aware.

  4. Thanks Tyler for focusing (pun intended) on the people. When I was a young man growing up in NYC no one knew Ukraine was a country or there was a Ukrainian language. First generation, born in NYC, I had to teach my parents to speak English by watching T.V. Now for all the wrong reasons there is no one who doesn’t recognize Ukraine as an independent country. Putin a master KGB manipulator spin maker gets what he wants curiously by obfuscation & masking his intentions in this case causing an entire world to stand at attention till they figure it out….while the people suffer.

  5. A.David Wunsch

    Excellent Work. He’s another Cornell Capa.
    ADW Staples 1956

  6. A.David Wunsch

    Meant to say Robert Capa. Cornell was his brother, also a photographer.

  7. Terence brannigqan

    He carefur Hicks!

  8. If you have studied WWII history before England and the USA became involved tonight’s news is a flash back. Yes, Please be very careful Mr. Hicks. We need your reporting. Thank you again for giving us faces to remember. This is real.

  9. Dermot Meuchner

    Talk about wag the dog. It’s more like wag the damn kennel. Biden is an utter fool for pushing this bs narrative. Gawd, Americans are stupid.

    • Please Mr. Meuchner, look at how Hitler moved against Czechoslovakia in1938 before you make a final judgment.

  10. Beautiful photos. Always good to be reminded of others’ humanity.