Friday Flashback #283

Facebook is filled with places to post old photos.

The other day, Fran Smith uploaded a classic.

Captioned “getting ready to sled down Ketchum Street,” it offers a fascinating glimpse into late 1940s or early ’50s Westport — without a sled or street in sight.

Look at those faces. They’re mostly teenagers — but many look nothing like kids today. They seem both older and more innocent.

Their smiles are genuine. They were not posing for social media. They were ready to have fun. On sleds.

If you’re wondering: Ketchum is the short road connecting Franklin Street with Riverside Avenue (between The Whelk and the fire station). Back in the day, it was part of the heart of Saugatuck.

Sledding it today would be dangerous — too much traffic.

Besides, it’s been de-humped.

PS: Did those thin scarves really keep those girls warm?

5 responses to “Friday Flashback #283

  1. Jonathan McClure

    I think the purpose of the scarf was to keep the hairdo neat more than for warmth.

  2. Does anyone recognize anyone in the picture? In the mid 1950s and late 1940s, Westport was a small town! Also, any guesses as to what year the picture was taken?

  3. They look very much like my mom, her sisters and friends, Brooklyn c. 1949. While the spirit of the time was different — full of postwar optimism — the main difference I thinl is the clothing and hairstyles. Also, Saugatuck being a southern Italian enclave, you don’t see as many blondes as in today’s Westport; ditto my mom’s mostly Jewish and Italian neighborhood.

    • I’m going out on a limb and guess 1953 due to the clothing worn. I know we have a few mid to late 1950s Staples graduates who comment , so I’d like to get their prospective!

  4. The scarves were to protect the hairdo from wind damage 😂🙏🇺🇸