Roundup: Snowy Sidewalks, Gatsby In Connecticut, Hunt Club …


Amy Shapiro writes:

“I love a snow day with my kids. However, it becomes quite an obstacle when my children and I have to walk to school each morning, and the town neglects to plow our sidewalk on Easton Road right by Coleytown Elementary.

“We live a 4-minute walk to CES, and do our part to alleviate traffic and try to save the environment by walking to school in almost all weather conditions.

“However, the town seems to forget about plowing our sidewalk for days (and yes, this is the town’s responsibility; the sidewalk in front of our home has been plowed on our dime — we know the rules), causing us to trudge through snow on our way to school or risk our lives walking the white line on Easton Road.

“My neighbors and I have called several times. Sidewalks near schools should be a priority!”

(Photo/Amy Shapiro)


Jay Gatsby was larger than life. So was his creator, F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Next week, you’ve got a chance to watch “Gatsby in Connecticut: The Untold Story” on the much-larger-than-life Westport Library Trefz Forum screen.

Robert Steven Williams’ documentary chronicling F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s time in Westport, and its impact on his classic novel — with Sam Waterston as the writer, and voiceover by Keir Dullea —  will be shown on February 9 (7 p.m.).

The New Yorker selection as one of the best movies of 2020 will be followed by a discussion with director Williams and executive producer Richard “Deej” Webb, author of the film’s companion book “Boats Against the Current.”

Click here to register for the program.


The Fairfield County Hunt Club has a new general manager. Mario DiPreta will oversee the staff of nearly 100, a membership of almost 200 families, and be responsible for long-term planning, dining, socializing and athletics, including nationally recognized horseback competitions.

Most recently, DiPreta was CEO and general manager of the prestigious West Side Tennis Club & Forest Hills Stadium. He has a degree in culinary arts. His 11-year-old daughter competes in regional equestrian events.

Outgoing CEO Carla Nelson was rewarded with an honorary FCHC membership. She joined the club in 1985 as a pastry and line chef, then took over as general manager 8 years later.

To learn more about the Fairfield County Hunt Club, click here.

Mario DiPreta


David Loffredo sends along this photo, with the pithy caption: “If 2022 was a picture …”

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Yogi Bear stars in today’s “Westport … Naturally” feature. He enjoys the snow!

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And finally … Black History Month begins today. Here are 3 very powerful songs to usher it in.

One response to “Roundup: Snowy Sidewalks, Gatsby In Connecticut, Hunt Club …

  1. Stefanie Lemcke

    Thank you Amy Shapiro for pointing out that we have sidewalks close to schools – and that they need to be maintained for the safety of our residents. Given the school bus situation and increase in traffic around schools, educating the town and residents of the benefits of walking or biking to school is so necessary. A sustainable Westport starts here.