Vandals Strike Tunnel Of Love

For 7 years, Westport’s Tunnel of Love & Community (TLC) — the pedestrian tunnel between Main Street and Parker Harding Plaza, enlivened by Miggs Burroughs’ stunning lenticular images of Westporters connecting with each others — has inspired passersby.

For the first time ever this weekend, graffiti marred the walls.

I don’t know what the message means. Fortunately, no paintings were damaged. No foul language was used. And the building owner will repaint the wall soon.

Meanwhile, “06880” readers: If you have any explanation, click “Comments” below.

And if you have a lead, call the Westport Police: 203-341-6000.

25 responses to “Vandals Strike Tunnel Of Love

  1. Urban Dictionary suggests

    This could either I mean ‘I guess’ or ‘Instagram’ depending on the conversation.
    He’s hot ig.
    Ig you could say that.

    Text me on IG.
    IG is f***in broken!

  2. Somebody must have cameras that would have picked up the scum that did this…….and install cameras in the alley for the future.

  3. Bobbie Herman

    What kind of people would do this (and I use the word “people” loosely)? That is absolutely disgusting!

  4. Terrie Langer

    This breaks my heart!

  5. How awful! Thank you for reporting this….I hope they catch the #$@!& who did this.

  6. Sharon (Sherry) Nelson Hauser

    The perp isn’t even a good graffiti artist.

  7. Gloria Gouveia

    I agree with Terrie Langer. The tunnel needs CVTV cameras. The cameras will pay for themselves over time when they discourage future wannabe graffiti artists and provide security for an out of general view location, at night and in the wee hours.

  8. Cristina Negrin

    Graffiti artist is too generous a description this is not art it is destructive graffiti. I’m guessing a kid who has issues who needs therapy

    • Agee with installation of CCTV in vulnerable and hidden areas. Should be a. no brainer especially recently Sad commentary on ‘humans’

  9. laurie crouse

    How disappointing. So glad Migg’s artwork is ok.


  11. Rebecca Ellsley

    I hope the find out who did this and make them clean it up and repaint the space besides additional work for the town. We need to say if you do a crime you will need to work it off as well.

  12. Carl Addison Swanson, Esq.

    Really? Back in the Wonder Years, they never even painted the “tunnel” and kids wrote on it all the time. Stupid punks. Nothing new. Chill.

    • Carl, Those walls are private property, right? It’s illegal to deface private property, right? Technically isn’t this a crime of some magnitude? I don’t agree with the “chill.” I’m a bit uncomfortable with that.

      • Carl A. Swanson

        Probably a legal public easement but point taken.Let the cops do their job, find the delinquents and rectify the problem. But the underlying theme of this thread seems to be “how dare they deface our wonderful town,” which in my eyes, isn’t realistic and hints at entitlement.

        • Carl, Could letting these people, who did this tunnel painting, ‘slide,’ if you discovered who they were, possibly set a precedent for others who might do the same activities somewhere else? You know the old argument- “you didn’t punish those who painted the walls in the tunnel, so why am I being treated differently?” It’s just a thought. The Kids will be kids attitude could come back to haunt you.

          • Carl A. Swanson

            Your supposition that I am suggesting these punks go free is incorrect as noted in 2nd comment. That said, this is not sacred ground which seems to be the theme throughout this post. Lord, if it wasn’t 11 degrees out, I would grab a can of paint and go down and paint over it myself . . . just to curtail the whining.

            • Clearly, one doesn’t have to look far to find apologists for those behaving badly and committing crimes. Sure, let’s all just “Chill”…I mean C’Mon man they are only vandalizing our home!

              • Carl A. Swanson

                I think you need to chill. The offense is a Class “C” misdemeanor, $100 fine. Plus when they catch the kid, he will probably lawyer up and cost us taxpayers.

  13. Jo Ann Miller

    Remember the Jewish kid who spray painted swastikas all over “Fort Apache” medical center? His father used to wear his pajamas on the train to NYC. And the “Minuteman” at the beach has been painted pink and red,white and blue. So, a little perspective please. You all replaced all the venues for kids with condos. Nothing for them to do.

    • Ms. Miller. What an achingly stupid comment.

      • Carl A. Swanson

        Sorry to ruin your perfect image of Westport past, Dan. But the Post Road used to be full of driving ranges, bowling alleys and tons for kids to do. Now we/they don’t even have a movie theater. But plenty of condos.

      • From a review of your comments on this blog, Katz, you suffer a lot of aches and pains. Negativism and being a contrarian is just whining to me. I stated facts. Your cult does like to hear the truth.

  14. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Time for a Team Westport essay contest. Carpe Diem!!!

  15. Cameras are not always a preventative control. They would require around the clock monitoring, alerting, and quick response, which is unlikely to be funded. They unfortunately do not discourage many these days, especially when many wear face coverings/masks, and can easily hide their identity. So while a “nice to have” I dont know that having cameras would have prevented this or produced any useful leads, aside from a small chance, which would have likely involved identifying the perp, then trying to find cameras elsewhere to see if there is an image getting into a vehicle, etc.