Friday Flashback #281

Most Fridays, I try to connect our Flashbacks to something. The season, an event or person in the news — whatever works.

This week, there’s no connection to anything. It’s just Rodney Dangerfield from a “Tonight Show” appearance with Johnny Carson, from 1983.

He’s his usual lightning-one-liner self. What makes this “06880”-worthy is that in the first minute, he talks about moving to Westport. With, of course, a joke.

If you’ve got any Rodney Dangerfield stories from his time here, click “Comments” below.

And remember: He died in 2004. Show him some respect. (Hat tip: Jeff Mitchell)

18 responses to “Friday Flashback #281

  1. Thanks for sharing. He’s always good for the soul. Especially with the times we currently live in. We all need a good laugh.

  2. When I was 15 I was a lifeguard at the Southport Sealodge at the end of Southport Beach. Since he lived on Hedley Farms Rd. he would walk on the beach sometimes. He would see me and with his distinct voice say “Hey kid, how ya doin'”.

  3. Wendy Crowther

    My family lived in the same neighborhood as Rodney. Both Rodney and the author Robert Ludlum lived a few houses away from one another and they’d occasionally have parties (especially the Ludlums) and would invite the neighbors. Those were quite the parties – lots of drinks, cigarettes and laughs.

    My sisters and I spent a lot of time at Southport Beach. We’d often see Rodney walking at the beach (unescorted) wearing giant, baggy, swim trunks pulled up high on his stomach. He’d amble along the sand making
    funny comments to the people as he passed by. His distinctive voice, tone and accent were exactly like those he used in his comedy sketches. He was a hoot.

  4. Appox. mid 80″s I was working a day shift (WPD). Hot summer day, weekday. I was sent to his house on HF Rd. for a burglar alarm which was a very common occurrence back then. I took a quick look around and then rang the front doorbell. Rodney opened the door and was in complete character. He was dressed only in a pair of bermuda shorts. His eyes were bulging and he was sweating profusely. As we chatted for a second I noted that his elbows, arms, knees and legs were covered in dried blood. I asked what had happened to him and he said said with his arms flailing “last night I got cocked and I fell into the pool!! And there’s no water in the pool !! “. I really miss that guy…

    • I absolutely have the best Rodney story Dan-a bit blue ( no vulgarity) and best not to share here but will when I see you! It was an epic Compo Beach happening!

  5. Bob Weingarten

    Rodney lived on the same block as Robert Ludlum. It was said that they got together on some nights and drank wine on Ludlums patio facing the LI Sound.

  6. Jill Turner Odice

    I was walking past Wspt Bank and Trust when he came out the doorway and almost ran into me. He apologized and complemented me on what I was wearing…I looked at him, smiled and said ” I can’t get no respect!”..
    He just laughed and walked away….

  7. he was a friend of my mother’s parents (mostly via my grandmother’s sister, their time at Astoria Studios) and for a few years every easter in florida he’d give me Pez Dispensers for my easter basket, we’d do a like puppet show with them.

    I had no idea who he was entertainment wise until I was much older; until then I only knew that he was a really funny, enjoyable family ami.

    I really loved seeing this post re him. he was a very, very thoughtful good generous guy (I heard that via my grandparents and his sister) as well as funny 😉 .

  8. Stephen Axthelm

    I forgot how funny he was. That clip is fularious!

  9. Andrew Colabella

    She told me to come over, no one was home.

    I went over, THERE WAS NO ONE HOME!

    Me and wife only smoke after sex. I have had the same pack for twenty years, she’s up to 3 packs a day!!!

    When comedy was great, no one was so easily offended and sensitive, and everyone laughed!

    • Stephen Axthelm

      Right? Fularious!

    • “When comedy was great, no one was so easily offended and sensitive, and everyone laughed!”

      Andrew: if Lenny Bruce and George Carlin were alive, I think they might have a different take.

  10. Helen Ranholm

    I opened an account for him at WB&T and my name sign was on my desk. He looked at it and said “Do you really?” I didn’t get at first what he was referring to then it dawned on me. My last name is Ranholm and he wanted to know it I ran home. I laughed and so did he. After that he would come into the bank and stand in line with everyone else and never asked for special service to be done for him. He was a nice person.

  11. I don’t know if this is true but I remember hearing a story about somebody’s kid from town driving him to the airport. Rodney was asleep in the back seat and the kid had gas. He quietly let one go and Rodney from the back said “hey kid was that you or me”!

  12. My sister’s best friend, Lisa, lived next door to where Dangerfield lived. He had a modest ranch house. I was friends with the family, and eventually they moved to Atlanta from Westport. My son and I, in the 1990s, flew to Atlanta, to go to a Braves ballgame, and Lisa’s mother picked us up at the Marriott and gave us a tour of the city.

  13. When someone is funny, they sometimes take it to the grave. On Dangerfield’s tombstone, in California, it reads, Rodney Dangerfield, There goes the Neighborhood.”

  14. When the Westport Police Department played the WNBC “66ers” in softball under the lights at Greens Farms Field field now, “Bill “Rat” Krause” field to benefit the brand new “Hole in the Wall Gang Camp” Rodney arrived and was there in all his glory. Dressed in a Mets uniform with his hat & glove he sat on both team benches, telling jokes, poking fun at players on both sides which included the NBC radio stars Mike Breen, Dave Simms, Alan Combs, and of course Don Imus. He also picked at Paul Newman, and a bunch of our then Westport Police officers. He helped make the night so fun and it was a true Dangerfield experience.