Unsung Heroes #224

I’ve written a couple of times about the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce “Order Direct/Pick It Up” initiative. The goal is for Westporters to use restaurants’ actual websites (or phones) to place pick-up orders. That’s because services like Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grubhub take meal-sized chunks of the bill for themselves.

Which got me thinking: Most of us have no clue what it’s like to run a restaurant, even in the best of times. It’s unfathomable what owners, chefs, cooks, servers, bussers, dishwashers — and yes, delivery drivers — go through every day just to keep the doors open.

We probably wouldn’t want to know, either. We’re just happy to have a menu and a meal. Hopefully we leave a decent tip.

Tutti’s owners Pasquale and Maria Funicello make Tutti’s a warm, welcoming place — despite incredible odds.

So if you have anything to do with any restaurant in town –all of the above positions, plus everything else from landlord (if you cut them a COVID break) to the valet parker — you are our Unsung Heroes of the Week.

And if you are an “06880” reader: Remember those heroes the next time you visit a restaurant.

Whether you’re dining in, or picking up an order.

(Do you know an Unsung Hero? Email dwoog@optonline.net)

7 responses to “Unsung Heroes #224

  1. Jacque O'Brien

    A great picture of two wonderful people. Tutti’s is one of our favorite places in Westport. They are truly heroes in every sense of the word! Bravo Maria and Pasquale!

  2. The best!

  3. Jonathan McClure

    Every time I bring friends and/or family to Tutti’s they remark on how welcoming Maria and Pasquale are. They are true gems, but not the only ones in town! I get that same reaction at other restaurants and shops around town. The personal and friendly treatment shows that owners/employees are truly vested in their businesses. It is so important to support our local businesses and show them the same love they show us, through good and bad times.

  4. Tutti’s is a favorite “go-to” place for us…We are always warmly greeted by Maria with her bright smile and the food is always deliciously prepared…The Funicellos are certainly worthy of being “Unsung Heroes”! !

  5. I am always curious when mentioning local restaurants, Finalmente never shows up in your comments, Dan. Jeera Thai, which shares the building and parking lot with Finalmente, is frequently photographed. Finalmente is owned and served by the owners, has lived through the pandemic delivering and offering curbside pick-up and remains consistently our go-to and has for years.
    Have been curious about this oversight for awhile.

    • Thanks, Pat. There are tons of great restaurants in Westport. We all have our go-tos. I’ve been to Finalmente a couple of times. I’ll add it to my list to check out again soon.

  6. Thanks, Dan!