“06880” Podcast: State Senator Will Haskell

In March of 2018, I was the first journalist to write about Will Haskell’s State Senate campaign.

He still had not graduated from Georgetown University.

Now he’s completing his 2nd term in Hartford. He’s the author of a new book: 100,000 First Bosses: My Unlikely Path as a 22-Year-Old Lawmaker.

And he’s the latest guest on “06880: The Podcast.”

The unlikely politician, writer, and 2014 Staples High School graduate spoke candidly — and spectacularly articulately — with me at the Westport Library about his path since graduation. He also talked about what’s ahead when he “retires” from the General Assembly.

Click below for a fascinating half hour with one of Westport’s most intriguing citizens, of any age.

5 responses to ““06880” Podcast: State Senator Will Haskell

  1. Ilene Mirkine

    How fortunate are we to have had Will Haskell in the CT State Senate these past 4 years! We need more just like him throughout our political system – maybe something would actually get accomplished. Can’t wait to read his book…
    Great podcast Dan, and thank you for your service, Will. Best of luck in Law School, and congratulations on your engagement!

  2. John & Kathy Brandt

    Bravo my friend. Keep picking winners like Will. He’s the reason why people will stick with you. And your interview style is a textbook for success. Well done.

  3. Bob Penderson

    Will Haskell seems to get a lot of praise and fanfare. Is there a list of what he has actually accomplished? A quick check shows that he was one that proposed tolling on our highways which is concerning. More taxes is not the answer for CT.

    • Marc Sandy Block

      I carpooled to NY for decades. On Monday, Thursday, and Friday (and weekends) you hear our neighbors from NY, NJ, Massachusetts and elsewhere thanking us for the FREE RIDE through our state (on our newly paved roads). Like elsewhere, passes and/or adjusted monthly charges (like on the train) and even carpool (and non-peak) discounts could mitigate commuter expense. You don’t believe me? Go on the Merritt Pwy and count the out-of-state plates. Then check your wallet after driving the Jersey Pike. I (like a big majority of states many Republican) kinda like the idea of reciprocity and not being a regional charity that pays others’ freight. Just my opinion.

  4. Marc Sandy Block

    Great interview! Two quick points. Thanks to Will for periodic newletters updating us on legislation and key issues. Second, though I did calls and door-knocking early on, voting for FDR is presumably another older senior (though my sons think I voted for Teddy). 🙂 Best of success.