Roundup: The Storm, The Edge, Westport Tees …


The predicted snow/rain/windstorm was a washout — figuratively and literally.

But before the snow turned to a little bit of rain around midnight, Jonathan Alloy snapped this shot in the Coleytown area. It’s a scene in our yards most of us missed.

(Photo/Jonathan Alloy)


The Edge is just over the border, in Norwalk. Plenty of Westporters work out there.

One member writes: “My locker, with a dial combo lock, was broken into last Friday 12:30 p.m., with a sizable loss. With no cameras inside and no witnesses, the thief will likely never be caught.

“Management and the police were informed. I’ve posted on The Edge Facebook page, but it keeps getting taken down by them.

“Be careful what you leave in gym lockers!”


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Today’s “Westport … Naturally” feature is a video.

On Saturday evening, Brian Sikorski spotted a huge bald eagle roosting on a branch outside Brian’s bedroom window. He’s seen a few eagles at Compo Beach and Longshore. As he took a photo, the majestic bird flew to a nearby tree, where a pair with white heads were perched.

“Absolutely breathtaking!” Brian says.


And finally … you knew this was coming:

2 responses to “Roundup: The Storm, The Edge, Westport Tees …

  1. Michael Isaacs

    Most people wouldn’t know this, but dial locks, the ones with the round metal head that you use a three-number combo to open, are a joke to thieves. It takes two seconds for someone who knows how to use a hard thin pin to open. I found out the hard way as well in a NYC YMCA. Since that day I only leave clothes and a towel in a locker. Keys, wallet, etc., stay with me.

    • Watch “Lock picking lawyer” on youtube. Pretty much every lock has vulnerabilities and can be opened with ease.