Unsung Heroes #221

A grateful Westporter writes:

I want to give huge thanks to the managers at Trader Joe’s.

My daughter had a medical emergency recently in the store, and passed out. It was frightening.

But the managers were quick to react. They blocked the aisles, called 911, stayed with us until EMS and the ambulance arrived, and comforted and kept us calm with amazing kindness.

And as if they weren’t angels enough already: They came running out to the ambulance to hand me my groceries (which I didn’t even have time to pay for)!

I will never forget their kindness and caring actions. They are true heroes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’m sure everyone who shops at Trader Joe’s in Westport agrees that it’s a special store. If you know other Unsung Heroes, email dwoog@optonline.net.



11 responses to “Unsung Heroes #221


    When the cashiers at TJ’s say “Have a nice day” I’m absolutely convinced they mean it. A wonderful shopping experience and they do hero stuff all the time.

  2. This is why Trader Joe’s is the best. I have been shopping there since the opened, what, 20 years ago, and they have always been outstanding, friendly, and willing to go out of their way to make shopping there a wonderful experience. Thanks to Nash and Stephen who, I understand, did their best to take of the family shopping there. Hope she is doing fine. Happy New Year!

  3. I love the crew at TJ’s. There’s a great atmosphere of friendliness and fun. I feel I know several of them personally. Great people make for a great experience. Too bad they don’t sell wine like the California stores.

  4. I hope this person’s daughter is ok now and I DO so love Trader Joe’s – Don’t know how they do it but they’re all so lovely and kind every chance they get.

  5. Peter Barlow

    I always liked going to Trader Joe’s . We need a Trader Joe’s up here – somewhere between Mystic and Westerly. If Mystic Market can come to Westport, TJ’s would be very successful in the Mystic area.

  6. Kendall Gardiner

    I’m so sorry this happened, and I hope your daughter will completely recover.
    Wishing your family all the best for 2022.
    Trader Joes is Awesome!!

  7. Helen Ranholm

    How very wonderful to find people who care. Good for the Trader Joe’s staff. They desire great praise for being caring people when another person is in distress. This is not the first time I have heard of Trader Joe’s staff being caring to thier customers. They will continue tohave my business.

  8. Are Covid test kits still available?

  9. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Same caring TJ staff, up north in their Hadley,Ma.. store..:-)

  10. How different TJ’s is from S&S where 70% of the cashiers resent their customers and, if they get off their cell phones long enough to ring you up, don’t bother to return a “Hi” or thank you…never mind “have a nice day.”

  11. Amazing TJ’s employees! They have always been the best. About 6 years ago a man’s car broke down in the middle of the Post Rd. at the light intersection by the store. Someone noticed this from the window and employees rushed out and pushed him and his car to safety. Another employee, Lisa once heard from my toddler that I was home sick and she wanted him to bring me home flowers! They sure are heroes, not to mention showing up for work almost 2 years exposing themselves to Covid. Thank you, TJs!!!