Unsung Heroes #220

This Unsung Hero award should have been bestowed last summer.

But I just heard about it. So here, in late December, let’s honor Leanna Mitev and Genevieve Czarnecki.

Genevieve Czarnecki and Leanna Mitev.

Ages 10 and 11 respectively, they had an idea: make bracelets and necklaces, then sell them to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

They followed through — not easy for young kids — and sent off a check for $500.

What a great combination of creativity, entrepreneurship and charity. And even though it took place in mid-summer, there’s no better story to head into the new year!

Bracelets for sale.

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3 responses to “Unsung Heroes #220

  1. mary schmerker

    Congratulations and thank you Genevieve and Mitev. What a wonderful effort. So many people will be helped. To quote a famous author….”Oh the Places You will go” and the things your kind, generous and loving hearts will achieve.

  2. These are two little angels!

  3. Well done!