Jose, Can You Sing: Feliz Navidad!

Before dawn today — while children were nestled all snug in their beds — I posted a video of Staples High School’s astonishing orchestral and choral performance of Beethoven’s Fantasie Op. 80.

It was “06880”‘s gift to Westport: a beautiful piece on this Christmas morning.

Well, the children have now been up for hours. There’s wrapping all over the place. Beethoven has been drowned out by breakfast.

Time to rock out to José Feliciano.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not — who cares? Our Weston neighbor’s joyful, jingly jangly holiday song is for all the world.

So put down your coffee (or mimosa). Crank up the audio to Spinal Tap 11. Click on the video below.

Feliz navidad, everyone. And to all: Prospero año y felicidad!

6 responses to “Jose, Can You Sing: Feliz Navidad!

  1. I was hoping you were posting a video from the Assumption Church performance last night(?). I always feel cool telling people where they can see Jose perform that song on Christmas Eve—it’s like a little-known secret!

    Wellest wishes Dan, hope you have a great 2022.

  2. Yes, I was steaming the Mass and Jose always sings at one of the Masses, last night he got a standing ovation! Thanks for this wonderful site Dan, Happy New Year 2022!

  3. What a treat to have Jose sing at the end of our service last night at Assumption Church.

  4. My wife, Pat and I once attended a wedding at which Jose Feliciano (a family friend) graciously sang an Italian love song to the newlyweds. He was respectful to the wedding band, impressive in his guitar performance and apparently able to sing as well in Italian as English and Spanish. What a treasure!

  5. To be clear, he was a family friend of the bride’s family.

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