Christmas Eve Surprise!

In the middle of some of the darkest days of the year — literally and figuratively — Westport woke up this morning to a wonderful surprise: a light blanket of snow.

It won’t make this Christmas the best ever — especially for those with canceled plans and continued fears of COVID.

But it sure is pretty. 

“06880” photographer Patricia McMahon was out early today. Here’s what she found, all around town:

(All photos/Patricia McMahon)

16 responses to “Christmas Eve Surprise!

  1. Barbara Wanamaker

    So happy to see the Minute Man with his Santa Hat!

  2. Truly was a delightful and unexpected Chistmas Surprise this morning!

  3. The snow arriving was truly was a delightful Snowy Surprise this morning!

  4. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Hi Robin!

    Best to you & Joe!

    Thanks for many ‘Dameon’s memories, another lifetime ago!

  5. Vanessa Bradford

    Dan and Patricia, thanks for the Westport Holiday Share!!!!

  6. Ellen Wentworth

    Love these pics! Wish I had taken them.

  7. Alicia Kronick

    Pics are so beautiful!!!

  8. NICE!

  9. Brian j. Taylor

    Great photo of the minuteman.

  10. Tom Duquette, SHS '75

    Thanks for sharing these Dan, they are just what I needed to help my flagging Christmas spirit. Here in Texas it’s going to be 87 degrees today and 85 tomorrow so it was great to see some snow.

    • mary schmerker

      Welcome to another fellow former Westporter trapped in Texas. I agree. The 80+ temps are a downer to the Christmas spirit. I’m class of ’58 living near Houston.

  11. Cristina Negrin

    Beautiful! You have more snow on the ground than we do in the eastern UP MI! Merry Christmas!

  12. mary schmerker

    Beautiful! Thank you, Dan, and Particia for taking the time on a busy day to share the beauty with all of us.

  13. Very nice

  14. While the rest of us are snug in our beds dear friend and amazing photographer is out experiencing and memorializing the beauty of Westport. Thank you so much for sharing your vision.

  15. Patricia McMahon

    Blessings and joy to you all.