Tooker: Mask Up In Town-Owned Buildings

First Selectwoman Jen Tooker says:

Westport’s COVID-19 Emergency Management Team is tracking and assessing transmission rates in Westport, Connecticut and the nation, specifically as they relate to the COVID-19 Delta and Omicron variants.

After consideration and consultation with health officials and municipal leaders, effective Monday (December 27), all vaccinated or non-vaccinated individuals will be required to wear a mask indoors in town-owned buildings. These include Town Hall, the Senior Center and Westport Library.

In cooperation with town officials, Progressive Diagnostics anticipates opening a COVID testing center at Greens Farms railroad station on or about January 1. Details will be announced soon.

At the Senior Center, there will no indoor programs or congregate lunches the week of December 27.  Classes will be held via Zoom. The lunch program will take place as a drive-thru at noon on December 27, 28 and 29. The Senior Center is closed December 30 and 31. In-house programs resume Monday, January 3.

Health officials note that all who are able and eligible should get fully vaccinated. and a booster, as soon as possible. Getting fully vaccinated – including receiving a booster shot, wearing a mask indoors in any public setting and maintaining social distancing. remain the most reliable ways of limiting exposure and transmission.

Even if you are not experiencing symptoms, COVID testing is encouraged to determine if you have the virus, and can take necessary precautions to avoid the spread to family, friends and those who are vulnerable.

Fortunately, although the Omicron variant is highly contagious and transmissible, people who are vaccinated and boosted are experiencing less severe symptoms if they test positive.

Cases have increased rapidly across the Northeast. Westport Weston Health District director Mark Cooper says, “Of the new cases reported in Westport, 37% are in fully vaccinated individuals (those who have received 2 Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, or 1 Johnson & Johnson). Those who have received the booster make up about 2.6% of the new cases.”

Additional information on the virus, testing and boosters is available at and

Please remain cautious and safe, especially during this holiday season. If you are not already fully vaccinated, please get a booster. Continue to be proactive, wear a mask indoors in congregant settings, and get tested.

With everyone’s cooperation, we can look forward to having a happy and healthy holiday season and new year in Westport.

8 responses to “Tooker: Mask Up In Town-Owned Buildings

  1. Marc Tishfield

    Sort of a bad joke. If it deemed necessary to mask up in town buildings, why not make it mandatory to mask up in all town buildings, stores, etc?

  2. I agree with Marc – why should it be perceived there be a higher risk of transmission in City Hall than the Gap – or a restaurant.
    Let’s all get back to masking in all inside situations and help minimize the impact during this winter of enforced inside living.

  3. I agree with Marc – why should it be perceived to be a higher risk to be in City Hall than the Gap or any restaurant?
    Let’s all get back to masking in all inside venues to minimize the impact of this latest surge during the winter when we have to be inside.

  4. Matthew Mandell

    The Chamber of Commerce supports this move by the First Selectwoman.

    The Chamber today asked businesses to have their front, public facing, employees wear masks to protect them from Omicron and Covid.

    We also reminded them that policies to mask all people who come into stores, offices and restaurants is prudent and allowed.

    If employees get sick it threatens business and the entire economy and wellbeing of our town. Masking makes sense and is easily done.

    We did it before we can do it now. Please mask up for everyone’s safety.

    And please get a booster. The science is clear, boosters reduce the effect of Omicron.

  5. The Tooker mandate is restricted to town owned buildings because she lacks the courage to mandate town wide masking for fear of backlash…what is any other, possible rationale????????

    • Dan, I think Ms Tooker knew if she made the mandate broader, it would immediately be challenged in court. Mask wearing and vaccines have been so politicized. I don’t want to criticize her.

  6. PS. Our governor has no more courage than does Tooker…he is afraid of a state wide mask mandate for the exact same reason.

  7. Oops.. I spoke too soon yesterday. HOWARD COUNTY, MD — Starting Sunday at 5 p.m., Howard County residents must wear face masks indoors in all businesses and facilities open to the public, as well as on public transportation. Howard County Executive Calvin Ball on Friday signed the executive order as a precautionary measure. (This is equivalent of ordering Fairfield County to do this.)