Unsung Heroes #219

This week’s Unsung Heroes award is simple: Every local merchant.

For nearly 2 years, whether they sell toys, clothes, gifts or liquor — well, okay, maybe not the latter — they’ve had a very tough time.

COVID kept customers home. Some remain hesitant to return. The supply chain broke. So did the supply of willing and able workers.

Everywhere they turned, every store owner who had done all the right things suddenly found it wasn’t enough.

But they adapted. They adopted new methods of sales and delivery. They worked extra hours themselves.

They persevered. They survived. And now — during what is for many the busiest week of the busiest month of the year — they continue to serve us.

Take a bow, Westport merchants. We thank you for your wonderful, way-beyond-what’s-expected service.

Now: Get back to work. There’s a line at the counter, and they need help!

Local to Market patio brings fresh energy — and tons of cool Connecticut products to downtown. It’s one of many mom-and-pop shops that’s making our town alive again.

2 responses to “Unsung Heroes #219

  1. Recently went to Local to Market, and the staff there could not have been more patient with my request to find a healthy gift for a vegetarian. Can’t wait to go back and shop for myself! Everything looked delicious.

  2. The Local Market, quite simply, is, by far, the most beautiful retail space in the town and a pleasure just to be inside; not to mention the welcoming patio with book stand. The Market is only treasure on Main St.