Roundup: COVID Boosters, Oxford HS Boost, Bats And Balls …


As Westporters scramble to get COVID vaccine booster shots — because we’ve all had the first 2 shots already, right??!1 — the town Department of Human Services says that appointments can be made through the Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS).

You can also check out Achorn Pharmacy (click here).

Walgreens’ website says that appointments are booked for the foreseeable future. However, I’ve heard reports of people walking in and getting jabbed.

I got my booster at the New Canaan Pharmacy. It’s a walk-in site, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. I got there at 10:15, and had a 40-minute wait.

To share your experience with other vaccine spots, click “Comments” below.


Following the shootings at Oxford High School, the Staples music staff contacted their colleagues there, offering to help.

The Michigan school replied: “The Oxford High School Performing Arts Staff is overwhelmed with the offers of support for our programs during this time. As of right now, we don’t have any ‘concrete’ needs, but our students need to know that they are supported and loved. The best way that we think we can deliver that message is through music.”

Attached to the email was music for the school fight song and alma mater.

Staples’ Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra, and combined Choirs were in the midst of rehearsing for this weekend’s Candlelight Concerts. Still, teachers found time to put together a performance, and a message of support to share with Oxford and other school communities around the country.

Click here, for the gift of 180 Staples musicians — and their teachers — to their fellow students and staff at Oxford High. (Hat tip: Former media teacher Jim Honeycutt, who produced the video.)


The other day, “06880” passed along the Hackett family’s request for new and gently used sports equipment. This is the second year the Westporters have collected it, then passed it along to underserved kids through the Leveling the Field non-profit.

On Thursday night, Leveling the  Field picked up a huge truckload of gear. They collected more than last year — and they thank everyone who helped make this a happy holiday for so many sports-loving youngsters.

From left: Max Levitt, Leveling the Playing Field founder; Alex, Daisy and Chloe Hackett.


Laurie Sorensen liked a recent “Westport … Naturally” dove photo.

It reminded her of an image she snapped last March, from her bedroom window on Riverside Avenue. She opened her blinds, and saw 2 beautiful mourning doves sitting in a spruce tree.

“It seems an appropriate time now to send this photo, and wish every ‘06880’ reader a peaceful and healthy Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,” she adds.

Thanks, Laurie. And right back at you — and the doves.

(Photo/Laurie Sorensen)


And finally … Wanda Young died earlier this month, at 78. She was a member of the Marvelettes, the marvelous Motown group that had Motown’s 1st-ever #1 hit:

As well as:

(Hat tip: John Kelley)



9 responses to “Roundup: COVID Boosters, Oxford HS Boost, Bats And Balls …

  1. Celeste Champagne

    The Norwalk Public Library is also sponsoring Covid shots over the next week at the main library location and SoNo. Check their site for dates and times.

  2. The CT DHP has walk-in “van” clinics across the state. This website is updated regularly with where the vaccine vans will be.

    • After struggling to get a booster appointment for my father, a friend sent me the link to the DPH mobile clinics – my dad was able to get his booster an hour later at the Stamford Gov’t Center. Highly recommend the DPH mobile clinic option!

  3. I got mine at the RiteAid on the Post Rd. in Fairfield last Monday. I walked in about 11:45am and waited about 2 minutes. I was the only person there and the woman giving the shots was reading a book when I showed up.

  4. Many thanks to Jim Honeycutt and the Staples Music Department for the musical gift to the high school in Oxford. A high school classmate of mine lives there and when I emailed him the day after the shootings, he replied, “There’s enough to deal with in high school without worrying about being shot.”

  5. Achorn Pharmacy deserves a hometown hero nod. They were the first walk-in clinic for Covid shots, boosters and flu vaccines.
    Please show the staff your appreciation by being polite if you have to wait. You can always go there in off-hours if you’re in a hurry.
    The Owner has been dealing with the walk-in service, filling prescriptions, tending to retail customers AND making deliveries if necessary to make up for being short staffed.
    I had the displeasure of listening to customers verbally abuse the poor man for the wait for shots, and prescriptions that had not been called in by their doctors, along with retail customers vying for attention.

  6. David J. Loffredo

    Achorn is 18+ only, so know that you know before you walk in. While I was there today with my 20 year old, there were a half dozen local families who didn’t know that was the case – even though it says so on their website. It led to quite a bit of “frustration”….

  7. I walked into CVS Fairfield by the DSW on Thursday at 11 am, asked for a booster, and they gave it to me immediately. No one else was there. Pfizer.

  8. Here’s the walk-up schedule for Stamford vaccine sites. I believe Norwalk has a similar calendar on their government website.

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