Alone For The Holidays? You Don’t Have To Be.

Susan Baer moved recently to Westport, as an empty nester. After reading a recent “06880” Unsung Hero story about a woman whose dinner was paid for by a stranger, she realized that as the holidays approach, other Westporters might be alone too.

That sparked an idea. Susan writes:

Why don’t we start a list of Westport residents who will be alone on holidays and don’t want to be — along with those who are willing to open their homes to one or two of the folks with nowhere else to go?

If it works, we could expand it to include birthdays of those who are alone.

Who knows who you might meet — and what great connections we could all make!

Christmas is a celebration for all ages.

Great idea, Susan. And I know just the way to make it happen: “06880”!

Let’s start now. If you will be alone for the holidays — or want to host someone who is — please email Include the dates you’re available, and any other important information.

I’ll do my best to match Westporters together — no guarantees, but I’ll try!

All emails are confidential. Happy holidays!  

3 responses to “Alone For The Holidays? You Don’t Have To Be.

  1. Let me offer another idea. Single people often don’t go to “table cloth” restaurants ’cause they don’t want to eat alone. Why can’t restaurants put some tables together for a communal dinner every night at a a certain time. It might also give restaurants extra revenue they would otherwise not get.

  2. mary schmerker

    Another Hallmark movie in the making. Seriously, when I think back to my growing up years in Westport it was then, still is and most likely always was ahead of the times. The rich, the famous and the soon to be famous always mingled with everyone regardless of financial or social status. Joe E. Fuller and his “steam shovel” was as well thought of as the men in the suits who rode home in the bar car from NYC. My dad who worked at Sikorsky and not in the executive suite was welcome at the Daneman’s who owned a dairy and Betty Roberts , wife of the First Selectman took me under her wing and mentored me. Lucy Bedford Cunningham volunteered at Norwalk Hospital and was kind and spoke to all the volunteers, even those of us who were only teenagers. Westport is remarkable.

  3. Katherine Bruan

    This is such a wonderful idea. When covid is over and done with, I’m in! 🤶🏻