Roundup: Clemson Soccer, Truck Parking, Toy Drive …


Clemson University won yesterday’s NCAA Division I national championship with a convincing 2-0 victory over the University of Washington.

Congratulations to the Tigers — especially Coach Mike Noonan. A star on Staples High School’s 1978 state championship team, and then at Middlebury College, yesterday’s win in Cary, North Carolina is the latest accomplishment in an illustrious career.

Before Clemson, Noonan coached at Brown University, the University of New Hampshire and Wheaton College. He is considered one of the most brilliant minds in the college soccer ranks. The Tigers proved it this year, knocking off the #1, #2 and #4 seeds during their tournament run.

There are 2 more Westport connections to Clemson’s title. Noonan’s brother Mark — a Staples state champ himself in 1981 and ’82 — won his own national crown, as a Duke University player in 1986. That marked the first NCAA title for the Blue Devils — in any sport.

Coach Noonan reached out to his hometown this winter. His #1 recruit for next fall’s freshman class is Paddy Donovan. The Staples senior — who just completed his Beachside Soccer Club academy career — is considered one of the top goalkeepers in the nation.

Now all of Westport has a college soccer team to root for.

Clemson University soccer coach Mike Noonan.


In the best-case scenario, this guy parked his truck when the railroad station lot was full. Somehow, he did not realize that every single vehicle passing westbound would have to swerve to avoid him.

(Photo/Todd Freeman)

The less-best-case scenario is that the lot was full; he realized he was hogging half of Ferry Lane, but didn’t care.

Worst-case: The lot was empty, and he just decided to flip a vehicular middle finger to the rest of us.


The Westport Police Department Union and Westport Police Benevolent Association wrapped up 2 weekends of toy collections yesterday, at ASF Sports. Gifts will go to underprivileged children throughout Fairfield County, including St. Vincent’s Hospitals.

Thanks to everyone who donated new toys (and cash to buy more) — and of course to our fantastic Police Department, for conducting the drive.

Longtime Westporter Tom Lowrie (center) donated toys at the Police Department’s annual drive.


I get lots of beach sunset photos. But this one has an added attraction — which qualifies it for today’s “Westport … Naturally” feature.

(Photo/Melissa Sobil Zitomer)


And finally … Jamaican bassist Robbie Shakespeare died last week in Miami, from complications of kidney and liver transplants. He was 68.

Shakespeare was half o the rhythm duo Sly & Robbie. According to the New York Times, they “played with and produced some of the biggest names in music while transforming reggae with bold infusions of rock, blues and jazz,” Click here for the full obituary. (Hat tip: Amy Schneider)

8 responses to “Roundup: Clemson Soccer, Truck Parking, Toy Drive …

  1. Regarding the pickup truck hanging out into Ferry Lane, I’m never certain if situations like this represent a case of ignorant obliviousness or maybe what I call “Center of the Universe Syndrome” in which case the person simply does as he or she pleases and cares not a bit about the effect on other people. I’ve seen many examples of the latter here in our entitled town while the former seems to be somewhat universal.

  2. Why wouldn’t Railroad Parking Police or the WPD have the truck towed and impounded? Parked as shown, it’s a road hazard just waiting for one of our many distracted drivers to plow into it. I think the WPD should tag a hefty fine on to it as well. There’s no excuse for this.

  3. Agree that is a significant road hazard that could cause property damage, injury, bodily harm. From a passing vehicle or even cyclist or motorcycle. Did anyone care to report it, or thought snapping a picture and posting online was enough?

    • It was reported twice to the police.

      • Debbie and I happened to drive by that afternoon. There was a police vehicle parked right by it. I’m not sure what action was being taken.

        On a brighter note, congrats to the entire Noonan family. Surely Mike’s accomplishment has to rank right up there with the most significant achievement ever by a Staples alum in the world of sports. And Mike does prove that Leo D was wrong: nice guys can indeed finish first.

  4. How do we know the person driving that truck is a “he”? (Agree with all other parts of your comments.)

    • I can’t find where anyone claimed it was a “he.” The originator of this thread said “the person simply does as he or she pleases.”

  5. I said the driver was a he. Absolutely no proof, other than a lifetime of experience with the people who drive trucks AND park this way. If it’s a “she,” I’ll be beyond amazed.