Unsung Heroes #215

You may not expect to find a deli/market on the long Wilton Road stretch between the Post Road and Route 7.

But there — smack in the middle, between Merritt Parkway Exit 41 and the Wilton town line — is The Country Store.

The name is generic. There must be hundreds of “country stores” across the country. (For decades there were 2 others right here in Westport: Christie’s Country Store on Cross Highway, and the Merritt Country Store next to Coffee An’.)

But the easy-to-overlook spot across from Chabad (formerly the Three Bears restaurant) punches far above its weight.

The Country Store, at the corner of Wilton Road and Newtown Turnpike.

Alert “06880” reader and satisfied customer Russell Sherman writes:

“I’ve always been aware of the Country Store, and have been in there a few times over the years, but I never paid much attention to it.

“Today however, I stopped in when I was nearby. It was brighter than in the past. It was well-stocked with staples, candy and food, and a sandwich board that had more selections than most other places in town. My turkey sub was huge and reasonably priced.

“The owner — an older man working the grill — said it was under new ownership since February. The manager was a nice younger guy.

“People should discover this old piece of Westport history, that appears to have received a shot in the arm.”

You may not think of the folks running a country deli/market as “heroes.” But to persevere in times like these; to  provide a service to an entire section of town that needs it — and to do so with care and friendliness — sounds pretty heroic to me.

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7 responses to “Unsung Heroes #215

  1. I always stopped to get gas here.

  2. Elizabeth J. Yoder

    My childhood bus stops were the Country Store and Three Bears Inn.

  3. In the mid-Sixties, my best friend Randy and I used to pull his Radio Flyer red wagon full of used soda pop bottles the quarter mile down the road from his house to this store for the glass bottle refund, whereby we’d spend the money on candy bars and another soda. A different world back then, two kids pulling a wagon down the shoulder of a busy road, without a care…

  4. I grew up down the street from the Country Store. I also used to pull my wagon down Newtown Turnpike and cash in there in the 60’s! I guess we never realized how lucky we were because it was always in our lives growing up. Back then, there was nothing close to purchase what the Country Store sold. My mother would drive all the way to the A&P on the Post Road in Norwalk to go shopping. But, every once in awhile we would need to visit for something or another. In Jr. High I would sometimes miss my bus stop, on purpose, and ride to the corner of Wilton Rd & Newtown Tpke just to get something there and walk home. Those were the good old days…

  5. Annette Norton

    Love this and will definitely make a point to stop in!

  6. Many memories of the Country Store when living on Red Coat Road, playing pond hockey on Christmas Lake. A wonderful spot!

  7. This place used to have the absolute best cupcakes anywhere. I wonder if they’re still buying from the same bakery.