Photo Challenge #359

Not every “06880” reader will get every Photo Challenge.

You probably have to live here, for one. (Or have an elephant’s memory.)

For another, you must be familiar with many different parts of town. Last week, for instance: the Longshore golf course.

Richard Hyman’s image showed the 10th tee, near the halfway house. Nothing about the shot — a bench, a tree stump, a “Keep Off” sign — suggested golf. (Click here to see.)

So sue me. Mike Stuttman, Pete Powell, Ed Creevy, Jonathan McClure and Fred Rubin all correctly identified the site. Fore!

This week’s Photo Challenge does not require any golf clubs. It does, however, require knowledge of Westport.

If you know where in town you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/June Rose Whittaker)

34 responses to “Photo Challenge #359

  1. Rizzutos – cozy winter globes to eat under

  2. Igloo outside of Rizzuto”s restaurant.

  3. Rizzuto’s outdoor igloos

  4. Rizzutos

  5. last years Rizzutos igloos

  6. Rizzutos Restaurant

  7. Rizzutos

  8. Rizzuto’s Igloo Dining 🙂

  9. Rizzuto’s outdoor dining

  10. Rizzuto’s- the individual dining igloos in their parking lot

  11. RIZZUTOS 😍 craving a full charcuterie board

  12. Rizzutos

  13. Looks like Rizzutos

  14. The first one I ever get and I’m
    Late. Everyone got it!!!

  15. Not much mystery there. Rizzuto’s outdoor igloos for indoor dining!

  16. How could everyone get this so wrong? Trader Joe’s parking lot in the back. Dinner served just before the sun goes down. The Master of Ceremonies and Captain Extroardinaire, O’Neill, is getting the champagne. Several of his esteemed crew who have their own farms and are chefs at home prepare these 7 course dinners. Oh, for Platinum Premium cardholders only.

  17. Bill’s Place

  18. Biosphere 2, better food there too.

  19. Rissutos

  20. Rizzuto’s

  21. Outdoor seating at Rizzutos’s

  22. Rizzuto’s, sure enough.

  23. Juliana Sloane Fulbright

    seating at Rizzuto’s.

  24. Rizzuto’s bubble outdoor dining — that’s easy!!!!

  25. The geodesic domes on the old Manero’s parking lot?

  26. Rizzuto’s clever outdoor dining

  27. WOW!
    I am overwhelmed by the number of responses, very grateful, and a bit flattered!

  28. Rizzuto parking lot. The outdoor dining

  29. Rizzuto’s is awesome…amazing food! and there is always something for everyone and super friendly service! Rizzutos Igloos are awesome!

  30. Rizuutto’s outdoor Igloos

  31. Rizzuto’s parking lot and the igloos for dining! Such a great idea in pandemic!

  32. Rizzutos parking lot COVID safe dining bubble

  33. Rizzuto’s

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