Unsung Heroes #215

Alert “06880” reader Adam Vengrow has an Unsung Heroes nomination that will make your head spin.

Or at least your legs. He writes:

Rhodie Lorenz and Mackenzie Pretty are part of the spirit and soul behind JoyRide. The local cycling studio is a special place.

COVID has been devastating and sad for many reasons. However, one little piece of the last year and a half has resonated with just about everyone.

People got a reminder of things that are truly important in life. Cellphones, meetings, train rides and crazy schedules took a back seat. People rode bikes; they walked, they appreciated their neighborhood and thecommunity. It was a small reminder of simpler and better times, without the hustle and bustle that takes everybody’s focus off what is really important in life.

JoyRide, during the pandemic.

JoyRide offers that special feeling bottled up in every 50 minute block of time spent with them. Unlike most everything in the world today, you enter a 50 minute journey with Rhodie or Mackenzie or one of the other incredible spin leaders. The only person you compare yourself to is yourself.

There are no video screens or numbers telling you what somebody else is doing.  You get 50 minutes of inspiring words, stories and music, with a simple turn of the resistance wheel to see where you can push yourself to go.

Nobody knows how or what you do. You can close your eyes and go for the most peaceful yet arduous fitness journey made for the absolute beginner, at any age and any athletic level.

Maybe, like the field of dreams, you can take yourself back 25 years to riding a bike with friends, or 25 years from now in your greatest fitness journey.

Rhodie, Mackenzie and all the instructors take you out of the craziness of the world. For 50 minutes you go to your happy place, where only you spend time on an internal journey. You may feel a little boost of spirit from a loved one gone. or someone here but not with you at the moment. It is a blend of meditation and fitness that takes your day to a level you cannot find any other way.

In addition to this personal greatness, JoyRide, Rhodie, Mackenzie, Amy Hochhauser and many others have brought every single great charitable cause to their studio. There are rides to raise money for so many community needs. When a cause comes around, they are the first to say, Yes we will.

From Pink Aid and cancer awareness to kids in need or our veterans — any need at all — you can always count on JoyRide.

It is not a bed of roses, unfortunately. COVID has been brutal on indoor spinning.

It is great that they have been able to fight through and keep going, because the community needs JoyRide/ Every person in town should try a spin. Just leave your crazy scheduled life at the door. Take yourself on a journey. You will learn a lot about yourself — and get fit along the way.

Congratulations, Rhodie, Mackenzie and the entire crew at JoyRide. You are this week’s Unsung Heroes!

Do you know a hero? Email dwoog@optonline.net.

5 responses to “Unsung Heroes #215

  1. J. Scott Broder

    This weeks unsung hero’s at Joyride are worthy of every single
    accolade written and more 👍🏼

    Thank you Joyride & team ♥️

  2. They are amazing and life changing. Also MO Prester is one of the greats and look forward to riding with him. I heard the music, motivation and mania is out of this world!!!! Every JoyRide instructor does is out there making the world better, thank u!!!

  3. Too funny I literally was about to mention Mo ❤️
    Just an incredible man.

  4. I agree 100%! Rhodie, Amy, Mackenzie and the whole Joyride family are the epitome of positivity. Such a special place filled with amazing people!

  5. David J. Loffredo

    Exhibit A for why Peloton stock is down 42% in the past 30 days – there’s nothing like the feeling of community when you’re in a room full of sweaty friends.