Marpe Lifts Indoor Mask Mandate

1st Selectman Jim Marpe says:

Over the past few weeks, the daily rate of COVID cases in Westport has been trending downward. The town continues to be in the “gray” category (fewer than 5 cases per 100,000). Therefore, in collaboration with Westport’s COVID emergency management team, I am hereby rescinding Executive Orders #9 and #10, and lifting the mask mandate in indoor public settings in Westport, effective immediately.

This is certainly an optimistic trend =- one that we have been anxious to announce. But we continue to be aware of the potential of stronger strains and breakthrough cases that could impact future recommendations. Those who are eligible are strongly encouraged to get fully vaccinated and/or receive a booster.

Masks are no longer mandated in most indoor spaces in Westport. (“Mask Quilt” by Amy Schneider)

Westport Weston Health District director of health Mark Cooper said, “We are in support of this action for those in the lower risk category for severe COVID illness and who have been vaccinated, so long as the local transmission rate remains low. If everyone proceeds with caution and some common sense, we may be able to enjoy the coming holiday season with family and friends in a more traditional manner. For those in a higher risk category for severe COVID illness, masking is still highly recommended because, although the transmission rate is low, the COVID virus is still in the community.”

According to the CT Department of Public Health:

  • Outdoors
    • Masks are not required to be worn by anyone.
  • Indoors: 
    • Vaccinated individuals are generally not required to wear masks.
    • Unvaccinated individuals must continue to wear masks.
    • Masks will still be required in healthcare facilities, facilities serving vulnerable populations, public and private transit, correctional facilities, schools (public and non-public, when students are present), and childcare facilities.
    • Some businesses, state and local government offices, performance spaces, and certain events, may still require universal masking.

6 responses to “Marpe Lifts Indoor Mask Mandate

  1. Carolanne Curry

    Thank you

  2. Adrian LIttle

    I have been a proponent of masking since the beginning so there is no political bias to this comment but how does it make sense for a teacher to be able to stand in a grocery store full of now unmasked people and be able to talk to a student and their parents without a mask but if the same exchange takes place within Staples building then the mask mandate applies…..

  3. Richard Nasereddin

    I believe it is unwise to remove the ban on masks in indoor public spaces, especially now that the cold weather is arriving.

    We know that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can contract Covid19 / Delta and transmit to others.


    Richard Nasereddin

  4. Unvaccinated people (perhaps not reading past the headlines) may not understand they’re still supposed to wear masks. I wish there were better messaging around this important caveat.

  5. Polly temple.

    Big mistake. I will continue to wear a mask even though I am triple vaccinated. I am a diabetic at greater risk. I’m not understanding the reason but we will be back with a mask mandate soon when cases rise again. I’m so tired of all of this.

  6. I have no problem wearing a mask. In fact it makes me feel a little safer. The trouble is, that I have great difficulty understanding people when they speak. I have to ask them to keep repeating themselves, until finally, they pull the mask down to their chin. I’m hard of hearing, so it makes it worse.