Trick Or Treat?

Once upon a time, Halloween was a hallowed — and very neighborly — holiday.

Some kids wore mom-made costumes. Others had store-bought masks. The younger ones went out with parents. But everyone 8-ish or older roamed their road, and one or two nearby, on their own.

They scarfed up as much candy as they could, in an hour or so. A few pennies were collected for UNICEF. Sometimes a pumpkin got smashed, an egg tossed.

Then the arms race began. Costumes grew more elaborate. Parents drove their kids to Westport’s densest neighborhoods,* maximizing the candy-to-ground-covered ratio.

Adults joined in the fun, opening their homes (and liquor cabinets) to friends and srangers chaperoning ever-older trick-or-treaters. With so many parents (and security cameras) around now, kids have no idea how to smash a pumpkin or toss an egg.

Last year, the pandemic threw Halloween for a loop. Would trick-or-treating on crowded streets turn into a super-spreader event? Was it dangerous to grab candy from a communal bowl? Wasn’t everyone sick of wearing masks,, anyway?

Some parents said: Go for it. Kids have lost so much already, let’s not take away Halloween.

Others said: Not this year. COVID before candy.

Which brings us to Halloween 2021. The virus still lurks here. Many in their prime candy-grabbing years have not yet been vaccinated. What’s a parent to do?

Full steam ahead? Only with friends? Sorry — no candy this year, kids? 

“06880” wants to know how your family is handling Halloween. Click “Comments” below.

Whatever your choice — and speaking now as an adult, not a youngster — let’s hope it does not involve eggs.

At least, not at my house.


* If you don’t know where, I’m not going to tell you.

5 responses to “Trick Or Treat?

  1. Jeffrey Jacobs

    Even though we don’t live in one of the “popular” neighborhoods, I’ll have enough candy near the front door in case any of the neighboring toddlers stop by (with parent). Yes, I do take our two grandkids to their immediate neighbors’ houses (the 3rd baby is only 1 month old).

  2. Mackenzie Berman

    We will be going trick or treating with our 2 and 5 year old in our neighborhood, and leaving a candy bowl out for trick-or-treaters while we are gone. The neighbors we have talked to are planning to do the same!

  3. Arline Gertzoff

    I live in a heavy trick or treat neighborhood and I welcome the masked kids and that thank you I receive .

  4. Candy bagged, decorations up and ready for trick or treaters

  5. Donna Jean Thompson

    I’m just putting setting a pumpkin bole of candy out. Since I have 2 little vampires to take trick or treating. Covid not invited