Friday Flashback #267

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of stuff from old-time Westport.

But I’ve never seen this:

(Courtesy of James Gray)

But not only have I never seen this — I’ve never heard of any of it.

Not Pecos Porkers.

Not Saugatuck’s Pecos Livestock Company.

I haven’t even heard of a Westport’s phone number that’s just “138.”

If anyone knows anything about our town’s apparently once-flourishing pork industry, click “Comments” below.

And if you have any clue why an advertisement for porkers would include a well-dressed lady and 2 horses, add that in too.

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  1. “A Mother’s Pride”

  2. I find this interesting. The way the woman is dressed, and the presence of the horse, could put this around the turn of the century. I’m interested in reading the comments.

  3. Well, a Pecos Livestock Company was incorporated in Saugatuck CT on
    November 10, 1910. I’ll look through some Westport Directories from that period and find some more info

  4. The town I was born in had operators who would ask “Number Please” when you picked up the phone. I would say 5640 and would be connected to that number. The company Grandpa was at had “1” as they were first to get phone service. I suspect that was the same situation in Saugatuck.

    • Interesting to me especially because our first telephone number in Westport was: 5604. The last digits remained the same until after my mother passed away in 1974. we of course went through a number of additions…..the last was CA 7 –

  5. The Meriden Journal of Nov. 11, 1910 (also reported in the Hartford Courant) in a listing of companies has the company with $15.000 in capital. Its principals are Florens H. Lewis, Frederic E. Lewis and Frank Carstarphen.

  6. That IS curious. All the art work and layout design suggest around 1910. I wonder where in Saugatuck this farm was. The phone number is all we seem to know about. 138 is certainly possible. My parents had 4300 in 1930. Years later the Wilton Garage on Route 7 across from Orem’s Diner still had phone # 3.

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