Roundup: Supply Chain, Air-Cooled Autos, Entitled Cars …


David Pogue’s “CBS Sunday Morning” reports are always entertaining — and informative. If you’re not a regular viewer — you should be.

Yesterday’s was particularly educational. It was also quite local.

Our Westport neighbor explained the supply chain crisis — why so many goods are not on shelves, despite gluts — with an opening and closing at the Southport Diner.

Owner Tony Pertesis explains — in clear, direct diner-speak exactly why his customers can’t always count on things as basic as Gatorade and whipped butter. Pogue adds the rest.

Bottom line: Toilet paper hoarding is back. Just in time for the holidays. Click below to see:


Air-cooled cars stopped traffic along Myrtle Avenue yesterday. They vehicles were parked — and exhibited — on Veterans Green. Sponsored by the Small Car Company, the show raised money for Person-to-Person in Norwalk.

Westport-based Small Car Company — a club for air-cool aficionados — is loosely connected to the car dealership of the same name. It was located on Post Road West, diagonally across from Kings Highway Elementary School. Today we know it as Carvana.

Seen at Veteran’s Green. (Photo/Sarathi Roy)


Speaking of cars downtown: “06880’s” Entitled Parking feature has very high standards. We now only post photos of cars that take up 3 spaces (or more). Two spots is waaaaay too common.

But today is an exception. This is a true “2-fer”: a pair of cars, each hogging two parkin spaces in the Baldwin lot.

(Photo/Molly Alger)

Not too bad, you say?

Look at it this way. If everyone parked like that, the lot would have exactly half the capacity it does now.


It’s always important to give blood. Tomorrow (Tuesday, October 12, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., VFW, 465 Riverside Avenue) you can donate in honor of a Westporter.

The Charley with a Y Foundation is sponsoring the event. “Charley” was Marine LCPL Charles Rochlin. The 2003 Staples High School graduate spent 7 months in Iraq. He was on leave in Westport when he died in an automobile accident.

Click here for an appointment (use sponsor code VFWWestport), or call 1-800-733-2767.

LCPL Charley Rochlin


Genevieve Bouchard — owner of Scout & Molly’s, the women’s clothing boutique in Playhouse Square — recently lost her mother, Chantal Haskew.

At her death, the frequent Westport visitor and talented artist was one of the longest living liver transplant patients in the US. She lived one-third of her life because in 1995 a stranger donated organs. Thanks to her liver, Chantal enjoyed the weddings of her 5 children, and the joys of her 8 grandchildren.

In honor of her mom — and all the organ donors out there — Scout & Molly’s is hosting a special shopping day. This Thursday (October 14, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.), a portion of all sales will be donated to Donate Life America.

Transplant recipients will be there, telling stories of their second chances at life.


A few tickets remain for this Friday’s (October 15, Fairfield Theater Company) “Evening of Motown” benefit for CLASP Homes.

Band Central — “music with a purpose” — will perform America’s favorite hits. Proceeds support CLASP’s work. The Westport non-profit supports adults with autism and other intellectual disabilities, through group homes and enrichment programs.

$40 tickets include a pre-party with lite bites. Art by CLASP residents will be on display. Click here to purchase.


Congratulations to the Westport Soccer Association’s U-11 blue team. They played 4 games in one day, and won the Bethel Columbus Day tournament.

Top row (left to right): head coach Bardhl Limani, James Tansley, Luke Shiel, John Walker, Peter Shakos, Lochlann Treanor, Nicolas Barreto, assistant coach Jeffery Holl, Bottom: Mason Holl, Atticus Lavergne, Andrew Floto, Matthew Alfaro, Zylan Wang.


Nearly every holiday, “06880” runs a photo of Jolantha the Pig. For 20 years, the figure has sat — visibly and beloved — on Weston’s Kellogg Hill Road.

Of course, there’s a great back story. To learn more, click below:


It’s juniper berry season. Peter Gold captured this shot on Old Road, for today’s “Westport … Naturally” series.

(Photo/Peter Gold)


And finally … in honor of junipers:


8 responses to “Roundup: Supply Chain, Air-Cooled Autos, Entitled Cars …

  1. I object to a Citroen 2CV being shown to represent air-cooled cars! It is cute in a French sort of way, but barely roadworthy and owned by only a handful of Americans as a piece of yard sculpture with an occasional ride to the beach.

    For just about every auto buff, however, air-cooled means a 50’s – 70’s VW, the brand sold by Westport’s Small Car Company dealership. Through the mid 70’s, every VW had an air-cooled engine: Bug, Bus, Squareback, Fastback, Thing, and my favorite. the Karmann Ghia. (I owned two of them.)

    Being underpowered is the only thing a VW and a 2CV had in common. VW’s were very solid and well sealed against the elements. (“They float!”) Braking and handlIng was on par with far more expensive cars and, of course, they were extraordinarily reliable. Lest you think all air-cooled cars are underpowered, a VW cousin, the Porsche 911, was air-cooled through 1998.

    • First of all, thanks to Sarathi Roy for the picture of the 2 CV, it made some people smile to see this representative of a 42 years’ production.
      While I agree that it’s not even close to the actual ‘roadworthy’ definition, you have to remember the first ones were launched in 1948.
      As Peter Bush said yesterday, there’s indeed no such thing as a 0 to 60 MPH, as the car barely gets there.
      On the other hand, it gets you everywhere around town at the same speed as modern cars. I put 2,500 miles into it in 15 months, just avoiding to drive on rainy days (it becomes quickly foggy inside), or at night (the lights are a little weak).

      • I wish I knew Nicolas’s last name. I wanted to put him in my Will for 40 million. Oh well… his loss for not following Dan’s rule.

  2. My 1962 VW bug came from the Small Car Company. It was a great car. I kept it until 1969 and then it became my sisters until roughly 1974 or 75. One small correction to the article and this is tongue cheek….. The Small Car Company was located across the Post Road from……Bedford Jr. High…….yes, times change…..

  3. Back in the day, the 2CV was modified to deliver fresh baguettes from boulangeries in towns throughout France.

  4. To comply with Zoning the lot must have X spaces so they are squeezed in and too small for today’s cars. Easy to get dinged or blocked in. Posting for a friend 😂🇺🇸

  5. I know that Citroen! C’est la voiture de mes voisins Nicolas et Dorothee Ancel.

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