Hillspoint Road Bridge Honors Khaliq Sanda

In his short life, Khaliq Sanda made a large impression on Westport.

The A Better Chance of Westport scholar had a a magnetic personality, an insightful mind, a welcoming spirit and a heart of gold.

Khaliq took 10 AP classes. He tutored. He worked at Internal Medicine Associates. He volunteered with Key Club, and served on Student Assembly.  

He touched everyone he met.

After graduation in 2013, he headed to Duke University. He took pre-med courses. He wanted to be a psychiatrist.

Khaliq Sanda

In 2016, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. It metastasized to his brain. He fought valiantly with 5 years — and had the help of countless Westport and Duke admirers.

His death last March devastated our town.

Khaliq won’t be forgotten. The Hillspoint Road bridge over I-95 will be named in his honor.

“Khaliq left an indelible mark on Westport, enriching our town with his kindness, humor and grace,” said State Senator Will Haskell. “Walking through the halls at Staples, it seemed that every student and teacher knew and admired him. In the wake of his passing, I had an opportunity to work with just a few of the many people who loved him to name this bridge in his honor. For those who pass by it each day, I hope it will remind us of his optimism and compassion, bringing out the best of Westport — a town Khaliq loved and a town that loved him.”

State Representative Jonathan Steinberg added, “Khaliq was an outstanding individual who had his future tragically cut short by cancer. During his time in Westport, he made a positive impact on our community. Khaliq was beloved by his peers and excelled in the classroom. He will be sorely missed. Naming a road in Khaliq’s honor will ensure his life and legacy will never be forgotten.”

First Selectman Jim Marpe noted, “He was a talented, deeply compassionate, energetic young man who had a passion for education, community service and a zest for life. It speaks volumes that Khaliq was so highly respected and possessed strong leadership qualities – these are his legacies. Now, he is further recognized with the honor of having this bridge named for him so that his kind heart and good works will be memorialized for generations to come.”

4 responses to “Hillspoint Road Bridge Honors Khaliq Sanda

  1. Jamie Camche

    There are streets and shops in Westport that Khaliq frequented. As I drive past them, it still stings and my heart still aches for man that called Westport his home. He made his mark on our town and hopefully this Bridge will be another reminder of the impression he made. Thank you to everyone that made this possible.

  2. This makes me so sad, being reminded of this tragic loss – but so happy and proud that he will be honored this way. He was a remarkable young man, who truly loved life.

  3. mary hoffman

    Our family knew Khaliq because of the Camche family. Khaliq’s time on this planet was brief, yet his character and heart remains forever.

  4. Such a great tribute to such a great person.
    Khaliq touched so many lives.