Unsung Hero #209

Longtime area resident Bobbie Herman writes:

I’d like to nominate someone as an Unsung Hero.

I don’t know who she is, and I don’t remember ever meeting her before. But she did something wonderful for me.

I was meeting a few friends for a picnic on Labor Day, and stopped into Gold’s for a couple of items. The bill came to almost $18

I reached into my bag for my wallet, and realized I left it home when I changed purses. I was extremely embarrassed, and asked the man behind the counter if I could bring the money the next day.

Suddenly the woman behind me held out her credit card and said, “I’ll pay for her.”

I asked her for her name and address so I could reimburse her, but she refused.  All she said was “Pay it forward.”

She told me her name was Maria, but nothing else. She was wearing a mask, so I doubt if I would recognize her if I saw her again.

I’d like to nominate Maria as a Unsung Hero, and express my undying gratitude.

Done, Bobbie! Thank you, Maria, for your generous act — and for inspiring all of us to “pay it forward.”

(Do you know an Unsung Hero? Email dwoog@optonline.net)

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  1. Judith Marks-White

    Each of you deserves a pat: Maria, Bobbie and Dan. Such a heartwarming story at a time we need it most.

  2. DITTO

  3. Susie Swanson Milllette, Staples '58


  4. Love this story!

  5. Nice story!!

  6. I love the story and I love this town 🥰Jayne Mauborgne

  7. Pure kindness. Thanks for this story.

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