Photo Challenge #352

Our “06880” Photo Challenge is fun. The images are sometimes challenging, sometimes easy. I can’t recall any that were controversial.

Until last Sunday.

Jay Walshon’s shot showed an old car, covered in underbrush near a body of water.

Andrew Colabella was the first reader to answer correctly. He said: “Longshore, Lot F. Donated to the Fire Department for practicing on a submerged vehicle.”

Claire Elliot added that it was located near an osprey nest.

That did not sit well with a number of readers. They chastised local officials. “Is open land now a synonym for junk yard and toxic dump?” asked Werner Liepolt.

“So much for all that official talk about the environment and sustainability,” added Morley Boyd.

Fred Roberts wondered about liability.

But not everyone dumped on the town.

Wendy Cusick wrote: “I believe the fire department has the fluids (transmission fluid, motor oil, A/C freon, antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid) drained out of the training vehicles before having them toss in weeds and high tide.

“Westport lives in a flood zone between the shoreline, Deadman Brook, Muddy Brook, Saugatuck River and all the other little streams that became raging rivers in crazy weather. You’re going to want the rescuers to know how to get people out of their flooded vehicles.”

NOTE: I don’t usually run photos of the previous Challenge. But I’m showing this one …

… because, a few days after it was posted last Sunday, it was gone. Here was the same scene on Thursday:

(Photos/Jay Walshon)

Go figure.

This week’s Photo Challenge should be back to normal. In other words: fun.

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

21 responses to “Photo Challenge #352

  1. I have never seen this (but that’s probably because I have rarely been on a boat in Westport all these years and I imagine this is by a dock—probably on the Saugatuck). In any case, I think it’s very cool.

  2. Outside on the deck at the Black Duck.

  3. Black Duck Cafe?

  4. Black Duck

  5. Robert Mitchell

    Black Duck

  6. Black Duck?

    BTW Past photo challenge Onyx Perpetual by Sally Mattikow is now completely hidden by camouflaging vines and Ailanthus trees

  7. La Canard Noir.

  8. Andrew Colabella

    Lose your liver down by the river, the black duck.

  9. The Black Duck?

  10. Vanessa Bradford

    Great commentary Andrew! Heard a lot of Black Duck speaks but never that!😂

  11. Sharon Paulsen

    I was gonna say at Longshore Sailing School, but looks like Black Duck is the consensus.

  12. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Black Duck. Definitely.😊

  13. COCKENOE Island

  14. Definitely the Duck! I figured this would be a slam dunk for a large segment of Westporters.

    • But where exactly is this? I have been to the Black Duck on occasion and I don’t recall ever having seen it.

  15. I always have a chuckle when, ‘Westporters’ don’t recognize a town institution. Getting old readers. The Duck was great yesterday during SoS, as was the Steel Band outside Saugatuck Sweets.

    • Surprised there are no photos of the event on this blog (I saw JC MArtin there).. SoS has become an institution and one of the best Fall events.

  16. Juliana Sloane Fulbright

    Black duck of course many have written but I thought I’d add mine.

  17. Seth Schachter

    The sign pictured is located outside on the right side of the building if you are facing the front of the duck.

  18. Seth Braunstein

    Outside of the Black Duck