Friday Flashback #261

When Life magazine went looking for a mom-and-pop business to epitomize community involvement for its July 5, 1963 issue, it found one in Westport.

That’s not unusual: At the time, Westport was bursting with Time/Life editors and writers, and advertising executives at all the top shops.

Achorn’s Pharmacy was actually one of many local sponsors for Little League teams. (Though as alert “06880” reader — and former Little League player — Fred Cantor, who found this gem, points out, it was actually a “pop-and-grandpop”: the Main Street drugstore was owned by Murray and Henry Bravin.)

The Life text explains that the sponsor didn’t get to see his team play, because as an important part of of the community he opens early and closes late. Achorn’s, it seems, symbolized pharmacists and pharmacies everywhere.

Nearly 6 decades later, Achorn’s is still a Westport institution (though now at Playhouse Square). And local businesses continue to support Little League, softball, and countless other sports and youth activities in town.

6 responses to “Friday Flashback #261

  1. We loved the wool uniforms in July! Thank all the local sponsors for the great childhood memories.

    • Dave, for whatever reason, I have a pretty clear memory of the Clam Box sponsoring one of my opposing teams in the Minors.

      And thanks also to the people who took time to coaching those teams, even when they didn’t have any kids on the roster. Our 1964 Minor League champions, the Dodgers, were coached by Lew Hammond.

  2. The Westport Golf Range sponsored the team named “The Beavers.” My guess is around 1959 and I was on the team. (Actually I spent most of the time on bench.)

  3. Chico’s Bail Bonds….a great Little League sponsor. Miss those days

  4. I remember seeing the Achorns delivery car driving around at night with the lit up mortor and pestle lit up on the roof 🙂

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