Pic Of The Day #1604

Gloria has been through a lot.

The oyster boat’s owner, Alan Sterling, died in 2014. Since then it’s drifted in Gray’s Creek, been battered by weather and — earlier this summer — was beached.

Most recently, 7 inches of rain from Hurricane Ida poured down on what’s left.

But you can still see Gloria, sitting — bent but not bowed — between the Longshore exit road and Compo Beach Road. 

(Photo/Sandy Rothenberg)

6 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1604

  1. We are willing to get involve to keep the love story alive to help rebuild the boat Gloria or find someone who has the skills.
    Does anyone have a contact person we can call.
    Dee & Brian Chapman

    • Robbie Guimond

      Years ago Alan approached me to haul her for repairs , at the time the issue was the floatation under the deck of the boat was in jeopardy of falling apart upon lifting her. My guess is she’s is in very , very bad shape. I believe someone has oversight of her, imho remove the outboard and anything not eventually degradable and leave her be. The other option is drag her up the ramp at Longshore and the town deal with her , probably an unpopular option.

  2. Dorothy Robertshaw

    I thought that I would one day inherited it and then I can have my house on the water …. I will miss seeing her ❤️⛴

  3. The engine at least should be removed for environmental purposes.

  4. Suzanne Wilson

    Alan Sterling was an indefatigable model for many Westport artists. If it could be located, Ann Toulmin-Rothe’s wonderful painting of Alan in his boat would make a wonderful addition to the Town Collection. It would help immortalize the “love story” and assuage the pain of watching Gloria slowly sink.

  5. Alexander Platt

    —I always wondered what that was…..thank you.