“06880” Podcast: Police Chief Foti Koskinas

If you don’t know Foti Koskinas: you should. As Westport’s Police Chief, he impacts our all of our lives, in many ways. Public safety, traffic control, railroad parking — the Police Department does it all.

And if you don’t know Foti Koskinas’ back story — or his policing philosophy, and views on social justice — you should.

Which means you should check out the latest “06880” podcast. The other day, I sat with Chief Foti at the Westport Library. Our conversation covered everything from the recent rash of car thefts, to why fixing one traffic light adversely affects another, to his experiences as a teenage immigrant in Westport.

Click here for our fascinating chat. Hail to the Chief!

Chief Foti Koskinas


10 responses to ““06880” Podcast: Police Chief Foti Koskinas

  1. Rumor has it he’s a really great guy!

  2. He is a fantastic asset to the Town.
    He gets involved and does a great job.

  3. Carl Addison Swanson, Esq.

    He may be a great guy but his job performance, in my opinion, is not top gun. i wrote four letters to finally get some “slow down” signs by our schools on North Avenue while it still remains a virtual freeway. There is no enforcement of speed limits or stop signs. Yet, at night, police focus on people “dumping” in store’s dumpsters (“huge problem’) and if you are DWP (driving while poor) along the Post Road, you will be stopped. No, the focus here is on protection of property and NOT the safety of our citizens.

  4. Carl, with all due respect, just ’cause a citizen asks for “slow down” signs, does not mean the signs are appropriate for the requested location…under Foti, our PD has become ever so much more “people friendly”, ever so much more committed to community involvement and ever so much more a department assimilated INTO the community it protects rather than giving the feeling that the force is APPLIED to the community from OUTSIDE.
    This wonder is all largely due to the life philosophy of Chief Foti…be thankful.

  5. Terry Brannigan

    Former standout Staples Wrestler…. just sayn’

  6. Carl Addison Swanson, Esq.

    With all due respect in return, Dan, this is Westport. Your comment sounds like we live in the “hood.” But, if you or the police department do not see a problem with the speed of drivers on North Avenue and do not do anything about it, YOU are part of the problem. And it is not merely my letters, the RTM has taken up the issue of safety near our schools. People friendly? Their job is to serve and protect. Back in the Wonder Years, many police officers moonlighted as umpires to add to their paychecks. They knew all the kids and many times, lived nearby. Now, they can’t afford to live here and my interaction with several of them is hostility not cordiality. So blow your praise but some young kid is going to be killed on North Avenue walking home from school and then you all will start pointing fingers,whining in your procrastination. .

  7. Werner Liepolt

    I don’t know enough about the plans for a police review board yet. I think a town-wide forum is needed…

    But I do know that rampant auto theft, out of control marina vandalism, and huge traffic problems that include insane speeding on Bayberry, South Compo, and many other roads, dangerous intersections with many serious accidents, and endless stop and go traffic throughout the town are now everyday aspects of life in Westport.

    Is anyone stepping up to do anything?

  8. Werner Liepolt

    Besides a podcast

  9. Carl Addison Swanson, Esq.

    Efforts as noted in my previous comment have been made, with the endorsement of several RTM members and State Senator Steinberg, to install solar powered flashers near all four schools to slow traffic down on North Avenue from Staples to Coleytown. Price? 32$K. Despite Mr. Katz’s depiction, letters do work. My last letter prompted two large signs near Staples and Coleytown Elementary on North. The First Selectman and Chief are listening but I am told, that speeding is ignored because the revenue from such goes to the State and not the town? As a night owl, the cops are everywhere at night. Camping out in back of Willowbrook Cemetery during the day?

  10. Was anyone ever arrested for the Outpost Pizza crash two and a half months ago?