Pics Of The Day #1602

As summer wanes … (Photo/Sandy Rothenberg)

(Photo/Alina Pitchon)

5 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1602

  1. Sailboat image is so well composed with the magic of soft evening light

  2. The people aboard the sailboat probably don’t know they’re creating an interesting reflection. They would like some more wind.
    But the sailing season has a couple more months to go and with much better breezes..

  3. Another thought: Decades ago, the editor of Yachting Magazine told me to try and get a bit of red or yellow into a cover picture. All blue and white in boat pictures, he said, gets ordinary. Here, intentionally or not, Sandy has succeeded with the Yachting advice – there’s a nice spot of red on the sailor’s jacket. That’s all it takes to give this photo a little difference.

  4. Sandra Rothenberg

    Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments! It was a beautiful if windless evening and I was able to catch this reflective picture!

  5. June whittaker

    Nice shot Sandy