Posh Picnics

Gloria Garvey and Gina Merolla’s mother’s death in February left a void in their lives.

She had instilled in them a love of the “right” dishes, glassware and flowers. She taught them how to set beautiful tables.

Gloria credits “divine intervention” with giving the women the idea — and courage — to start a business modeled on their mom.

Joining with friend Kris Greer — a longtime Westporter — they organized a picnic for Kris’ daughter’s birthday. The idea to spread joy through picnics — and the name Posh Picnics — was born.

(From left): Kris Greer, Gina Merolla and Gloria Garvey.

During COVID, Gloria say, people learned to celebrate big events on a smaller scale. The Garvey, Merolla and Greer families are close — they do a lot together, and the women are gym buddies — so working together grew organically.

They had deep roots in the community. Kris was involved in Westport baseball, Staples Service League of Boys and St. Luke Church. Gloria was involved with St. Luke too, and her children’s soccer and dance activities. Gina lives in Black Rock, but spends plenty of time here.

The goal was to offer alternative ways to celebrate. Picnics, the women believe, are perfect for friends’ gatherings, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. They’re social and fun — but not huge and over-the-top (or overcrowded).

Posh offers luxury picnics for 2 to 14 people. They curate items and decor, setting a tasteful tablescape using custom-built tables, luxurious pillows and rugs, and lace tepees that they decorate. Prices start at $325.

They add special touches too, like wedding colors, bridal decor, woodland scenes and more. They do not serve food — clients provide that on their own. (Posh Picnics can offer a list of suggested caterers.)

A posh picnic from Posh Picnics.

The women worked with Westport Moms — the great multi-platform social media group — on an event they promoted. That jump-started the business. They’ve got bookings through October.

A key moment came when they were hired at the last minute to provide a local picnic for a bridal shower. In 24 hours they scrambled to make it work.

Right now, Posh Picnics is working on adding more “looks” — beyond Boho and Coastal — to their tables. They’ll bring picnics inside for the cold months, in homes, offices and any other venue.

They’re looking to add to their list of caterers, florists, balloonists and other vendors.

“We like to to promote small businesses and women entrepreneurs,” Gloria says. “We’re all in this together.”

(For more information on Posh Picnics, click here.)



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