Good Info To Know

As Westport prepares for Hurricane Henri, here are some things to know.

WWPT-FM (90.3) will broadcast emergency information from town officials.

Town Emergency Notification System: Click here to register, or text 06880 to 888777.

Eversource: Click here to report or check on a power outage, or call 800-286-2000. Click here for their power outage map.

For police emergenciescall 911 only in a true emergency. The non-emergency number is 203-341-6000.

The fire department number is 203-341-5000. Click here for their Hurricane Manual. Potable water will be available at the Post Road headquarters, and the Easton Road station by Coleytown Elementary School. Bring your own containers.

The EMS number is 203-341-6081.


The Fire Department adds:

Do not walk or drive through floodwaters. Never attempt to drive through a flooded road. As little as 6 inches of water can cause you to lose control of your car.

If your building floods, move to a higher floor but do not enter a closed attic.

Residents in flood-prone areas can move their vehicles to Saugatuck Avenue Train Station Lot #8.

Do not go sightseeing! Observe all caution tape!

Caution tape is there for a reason! (Photo/Richard Epstein)


In addition, the Parks & Recreation department says the following facilities will be closed until at least noon on Monday:

Longshore: Golf vourse, pool, tennis courts, concession.

Compo Beach: Closed, but boaters will be able to access their boats if necessary.

Grass & turf fields will be closed Sunday and through at least noon Monday until they can be assessed.

The Westport Weston Family YMCA is also closed today.

Metro-North trains are not running today either.

The aftermath of Isaias, just over a year ago. Fingers crossed we’ll escape most of that damage. (Photo/John Kantor)

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  1. Dan, It’s 5:03 am and it looks like the hurricane took a slight turn to the east. Hopefully this helps Westport avoid the worst of this.

    • Knock wood, but we seem to be looking pretty good. Last nights line of severe storms stayed west of us. As you mentioned, the storm has eased east, but is expected to shift to the northwest after hitting land (and losing some intensity) so the worst of it may hit northern Fairfield. I don’t want to jinx us – and we’ll get plenty of rain – but we seem to be threading the needle with this one.

  2. Thank you, Dan. Stay safe.

  3. Wow Dan this post is AMAZING. Thank you. Fingers crossed. God Bless.

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